4 Must Try Procedures For Cellulite That Finally Work By NYC’s Body Expert Dr. Avaliani

Posted on 7 May, 2021

Written by Dr.Anna Avaliani MD

Dr. Anna Avaliani is a leading female expert on Upper East Side in New York City specializing in cosmetic and laser surgery. She is a Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, ASLMS (American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery), and a Diplomat of the American Board of Medical Specialties. Dr.Avaliani’s unique approach is very much appreciated and recognized locally and internationally by her loyal patient following. Her high-end clientele includes many celebrity models, actors, TV hosts, celebrity makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion designers, and many billionaires and influential people. Haute Beauty Expert Dr. Anna Avaliani explains the best 4 procedures to treat cellulite: EmSculpt, QWO, TempSure Firm, and Sculptra Aesthetic.

Getting beach body ready has never looked easier and virtually painless. The best 4 procedures for cellulite according to NYC’s Top Body Expert Dr. Avaliani are EmSculptQWOTempSure Firm, and Sculptra Aesthetic.

As NYC’s Top Body Expert, Dr. Avaliani knows how the body is aging and her practice is very unique in that it offers every possible treatment you can imagine to help get the best possible results all in one place specifically catered to her patient’s needs.

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2021 is finally a year that makes a difference and after a year and a half of hiding in your pajama pants and not paying attention to your body, the comeback for summer 2021 must be strong and beautiful.

Cellulite is very common and affects about 91% of women. To this date, there has not been a single 100% effective treatment on the market because cellulite is caused by many factors, and hence the most effective treatment has to be multi-targeted as well.

What causes cellulite?

The answer is: multiple causes

1. Aging of skin with loss of collagen and elasticity
2. Bulging of fat cells and accumulating of water retention
3. Tightening and weakening of elastic bands causing dimples
4. Muscle weakening and thinning leading to loss of tone

When treating cellulite, the skin must be treated as well! Laxity makes wrinkles and dimples look worse and adding skin tightening to the treatment protocol will ALWAYS yield the best results.

Best 4 procedures for cellulite according to body Expert Dr. Avaliani are:

• EMSculpt
• TempSure Firm
• Sculptra Aesthetic

EMSculpt is a HIFEM technology that tones and builds muscles in 30 minutes with absolutely zero pain or downtime
30 minutes on your booty will get you 20,000 sit-ups without breaking a sweat, build your muscle and tone and lift your butt with no surgery.

TempSure Firm uses the best precise and targeted RF technology to stimulate collagen in the skin. Dr. Avaliani’s practice offers a special anti-cellulite handpiece adapter that helps to remove the buildup of edema underneath the skin’s surface leaving the skin looking even smoother. In just 4-8 sessions every two weeks will keep your skin looking glowing, tight, and healthy and the best part, the treatment feels like a hot stone massage.

QWO is the first and only FDA-approved injectable cellulite treatment targeting the bands which cause dimples. The photo below shows that the injection simply melts the bands and releases the tension in the dimple, which makes the skin look very smooth. 3 injection sessions every 21 days will permanently help you get rid of your dimples. Dr. Avaliani is one of the first practices in NYC to offer this groundbreaking treatment.

As a National GAIN trainer and the top Sculptra Aesthetic provider in NYC for the past 3 years, Dr. Avaliani loves to add Sculptra to help treat cellulite as its unique bio stimulatory action actually helps to make the skin look thicker, healthier and improve the appearance of dimples, stretch marks, and skin laxity all in one. Sculptra can even make the butt look fuller and bigger, which is always a nice bonus for those desiring to have a fuller butt without the surgery scars or downtime.

The key is understanding Sculptra product and knowing how and where to inject it correctly to achieve the best possible result. As a top provider, this is one of the most favorite procedures Dr. Avaliani performs in her practice.

Dr. Avaliani’s practice is proud to design treatment plans to help her patients achieve the best possible results. Only at the time of in-person consultation, can Dr. Avaliani accurately evaluate the skin laxity and texture and be able to design the most effective treatment plan.

Dr. Avaliani is extremely unique in her approach to deliver the best results in the fastest time without any surgery, scars, or downtime using the best and latest technology. That’s why her office constantly caters to models, actors, news anchors, celebrities, fitness industry people, athletes, and simply people who invest in their self-care.

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