5 amazing procedures to try for saggy necks in 2020

Posted on 6 November, 2020

Written by Dr.Anna Avaliani MD

Skin is the largest body organ.  Hence, there are a lot of other very important and very close body areas to pay attention to and not just the face.

In very close proximity to our face, we have our necks, chest, and the rest of the body!

Many people commit the same mistake of focusing just on their faces and ignoring everything below, including their necks!  The creepy or wrinkly skin on the neck is the first sign that gives away the age. Let’s all start paying attention to the forgotten but very important body area. Head and neck are connected and must be considered as one and treated togetherbut not necessarily with the same treatment or settings or both.

In the following blog we will try to explain the 5 best procedure treatments for improvement of the skin on the neck area. Maybe it is better to classify them and then organize them based on their recovery time.

The top 5 treatments for saggy neck lines and neck skin according to Dr.Anna Avaliani MD are :

Lets try to  divide the above to lasers and skin collagen boosting injections

The first 3 are lasers.The last two are collagen stimulators and are administered by an injection.

 To learn more about them, please click on the hyperlink to be directed to a page that describes each treatment in more detail. 

What options does one have when creams don’t do the tick anymore? The simple answer is lasers. Now, where does one start with best treatments or best laser treatments for neck rejuvenation?

The best treatment option depends on the age, skin quality and laxity, photo damage present and the skin type as not all lasers are created equal. The results depend on the proper initial assessment of your skin as well as knowledge and availability of the correct laser and then the expertise to utilize it in the best way possible to give amazing results.  Just FYI, Results are obtained with skills and knowledge, not lasers, as lasers are simple tools, What one provider may not be able to understand or achieve, the other provider may give you the best results possible.

What lasers are the best for saggy neck?

There is no single laser that is better than others. The answer really depends on the skin quality and the skin type of the patient, as well as, the expertise and skills of the provider performing them.

Who performs th e treatments in Dr.Avaliani’s office? Who is the best with lasers?

Most, if not all lasers, are performed by Dr.Avaliani herself and only a few other lasers  are designated and are under direct supervision and guidance of the doctor. The technician simply follows the expertinstructions given.

Which laser is right for me and my neck?

It is impossible to determine this without an actual in person consultation. The addition of virtual consultation service has helped many providers and patients to connect from a distance and be able to discuss the plan as well as to better prepare for their treatments

The neck rejuvenation and neck tightening consultation may need to involve lasers for skin discoloration, for skin texture, for under skin fat or even the saggy skin where one might need tightening. Many patients need a combination because it is very rare that saggy neck is caused by a single factor. Simple rule is that aging is multifactorial with skin, collagen fat and bone changes and hence the treatment should be

Can my sensitive skin on my neck handle laser?

Of CourseYes, but it just has to be done right.

I’m not sure I am ready for lasers. Are there non laser options for skin tightening or resurfacing using non laser technology?

There are many laser and non laser treatment options as well a surgical and non surgical ones. Non laser and non surgical options for skin tightening include injections and topical creams.

Are lasers safe for Asian skin for necks?

Yes, lasers are generally safe. It just has to be the right laser.  The technology has advanced so much  thatAsian skin can now be expertly treated.  Just avoid CO2 or old generation Fraxel lasers or super aggressive and ablative laser resurfacing.

Are lasers safe for Hispanic/Latino skin type?

Not all lasers are created equal. Generally the lasers can be performed on Hispanic/Latino skin but it must be performed with an expert only. The right laser, the right settings and the right patient equals success.

Are lasers safe for African-American types of skin for neck treatments?

Not all lasers are created equal. Generally the lasers can be performed on African American or African- Caribbean skin, but it must be performed with an expert only. The right laser, the right settings and the right patient equals success. 

Will laser treatments for neck affect my ability to speak or eat?

No, laser safety must be maintained at all times and Dr.Avaliani will carefully examine you prior, monitor you during and evaluate after your treatment.  There have been no reports of any patient being affected on speech  or eating after receiving non invasive laser treatments

Will there be recovery after the laser?

Non surgical and not ablative lasers give virtually no downtime.

Tempsure is RF, so no recovery at all

Ultherapy is HIFU ultrasound, no recovery at all

Genius RF Microneedling maybe 1-2 days of redness and occasionally left over needle track marks which can last up to 1 weeks.

Nothing a little makeup coverup cant handle 

How long is the recovery after neck treatment?

The answer depends on what exactly you had performed. It can be a couple of hours of redness to a couple of days of redness and/or swelling

How long does it take to get results?

It depends on each individual and varies. Some may see results after one treatment others may see it after 5 sessions or

How long will neck laser results last for?

It depends on the laser used, the type of collagen generated and on your lifestyle and how one takes careof the skin, in particular protecting it with sunblock and moisturizers and antioxidants.  

To learn about what treatment will give you the best results and to schedule your expert consultation with Dr.Avaliani, please call or text 212-673-8888. We look forward to

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