Anna Avaliani, M.D., a top physician artist on Park Avenue, specializes in non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Choose the best for yourself. Her state-of-the-art cosmetic and laser center is one of the few that has been honored with the prestigious Cynosure Center of Excellence Award. Every noninvasive surgical and laser procedure is here under one roof. When you become a patient of Dr. Avaliani, you will receive bespoke and customized treatments.

PicoSure Focus & PicoSure Zoom

Dr. Avaliani is a true laser expert, offering the latest technology available on the market to treat virtually all skin concerns. One of her absolute favorite treatments is the revolutionary skin-rejuvenation treatment PicoSure. This fast, effective treatment is the gold standard for skin rejuvenation. PicoSure works well on all skin types and all complexions. It treats dark spots, sun spots, age spots, acne scars, wrinkles, surgical scars, stretch marks, and more — a treatment is less than 15 minutes and results in no downtime. PicoSure can be used anywhere on the body — from face to toes and every inch in between. PicoSure Focus, first cleared by the FDA in 2012, now has a hand-held option called PicoSure Zoom. Zoom allows Dr. Avaliani to precisely direct the laser to an exact depth of the skin. Zoom is her choice when a patient wants to remove a body tattoo (all colors!) or eyebrow microblading (without harming one hair).

“Pico” derives from picosecond, which is one trillionth of a second. PicoSure delivers picosecond bursts of energy, not heat like other lasers, to gently target and more effectively eliminate problem areas without harming surrounding tissue. PicoSure has trademarked the term Skin Cell Activation, which is a way of describing how PicoSure works. It literally activates cells to produce important proteins that signal
other cells to begin a healing response.

I’ve had this treatment myself. I trusted Dr. Avaliani, a boardcertified physician, to suggest the best treatment to remove sunspots from my face. My sunspots faded after a few weeks, and the ultra-short bursts of energy signaled my body to produce collagen and elastin for improved facial rejuvenation. The number of treatments can vary from one to several. In my case, two treatments were necessary.

What was the treatment like? I reclined as Dr. Avaliani explained carefully as she proceeded. I held a hose that flowed cold air as the laser passed over my face. Because the bursts of energy are ultrashort, the feeling came and went literally one trillionth of a second at a time. Even though I had sunspots on every section of my face, and some fine lines above my lip, the entire treatment was over in just minutes.

Soon after, my sunspots temporarily darkened. Then I could see the pigment shattering as they began to fade away. My body’s healing response was underway. An unanticipated bonus for having sunspots on my nose is that PicoSure reduced the size of my pores. Expect the best of care from Dr. Avaliani’s practice — from a warm welcome to a caring follow-up call after receiving the best in cosmetic medicine.

Anna Avaliani, M.D.
30 East 60th Street, Suite 1100

4 Must Try Procedures For Cellulite That Finally Work By NYC’s Body Expert Dr. Avaliani

Written by Dr.Anna Avaliani MD

Dr. Anna Avaliani is a leading female expert on Upper East Side in New York City specializing in cosmetic and laser surgery. She is a Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, ASLMS (American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery), and a Diplomat of the American Board of Medical Specialties. Dr.Avaliani’s unique approach is very much appreciated and recognized locally and internationally by her loyal patient following. Her high-end clientele includes many celebrity models, actors, TV hosts, celebrity makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion designers, and many billionaires and influential people. Haute Beauty Expert Dr. Anna Avaliani explains the best 4 procedures to treat cellulite: EmSculpt, QWO, TempSure Firm, and Sculptra Aesthetic.

Getting beach body ready has never looked easier and virtually painless. The best 4 procedures for cellulite according to NYC’s Top Body Expert Dr. Avaliani are EmSculptQWOTempSure Firm, and Sculptra Aesthetic.

As NYC’s Top Body Expert, Dr. Avaliani knows how the body is aging and her practice is very unique in that it offers every possible treatment you can imagine to help get the best possible results all in one place specifically catered to her patient’s needs.

Photo Credit: www.freepik.com

2021 is finally a year that makes a difference and after a year and a half of hiding in your pajama pants and not paying attention to your body, the comeback for summer 2021 must be strong and beautiful.

Cellulite is very common and affects about 91% of women. To this date, there has not been a single 100% effective treatment on the market because cellulite is caused by many factors, and hence the most effective treatment has to be multi-targeted as well.

What causes cellulite?

The answer is: multiple causes

1. Aging of skin with loss of collagen and elasticity
2. Bulging of fat cells and accumulating of water retention
3. Tightening and weakening of elastic bands causing dimples
4. Muscle weakening and thinning leading to loss of tone

When treating cellulite, the skin must be treated as well! Laxity makes wrinkles and dimples look worse and adding skin tightening to the treatment protocol will ALWAYS yield the best results.

Best 4 procedures for cellulite according to body Expert Dr. Avaliani are:

• EMSculpt
• TempSure Firm
• Sculptra Aesthetic

EMSculpt is a HIFEM technology that tones and builds muscles in 30 minutes with absolutely zero pain or downtime
30 minutes on your booty will get you 20,000 sit-ups without breaking a sweat, build your muscle and tone and lift your butt with no surgery.

TempSure Firm uses the best precise and targeted RF technology to stimulate collagen in the skin. Dr. Avaliani’s practice offers a special anti-cellulite handpiece adapter that helps to remove the buildup of edema underneath the skin’s surface leaving the skin looking even smoother. In just 4-8 sessions every two weeks will keep your skin looking glowing, tight, and healthy and the best part, the treatment feels like a hot stone massage.

QWO is the first and only FDA-approved injectable cellulite treatment targeting the bands which cause dimples. The photo below shows that the injection simply melts the bands and releases the tension in the dimple, which makes the skin look very smooth. 3 injection sessions every 21 days will permanently help you get rid of your dimples. Dr. Avaliani is one of the first practices in NYC to offer this groundbreaking treatment.

As a National GAIN trainer and the top Sculptra Aesthetic provider in NYC for the past 3 years, Dr. Avaliani loves to add Sculptra to help treat cellulite as its unique bio stimulatory action actually helps to make the skin look thicker, healthier and improve the appearance of dimples, stretch marks, and skin laxity all in one. Sculptra can even make the butt look fuller and bigger, which is always a nice bonus for those desiring to have a fuller butt without the surgery scars or downtime.

The key is understanding Sculptra product and knowing how and where to inject it correctly to achieve the best possible result. As a top provider, this is one of the most favorite procedures Dr. Avaliani performs in her practice.

Dr. Avaliani’s practice is proud to design treatment plans to help her patients achieve the best possible results. Only at the time of in-person consultation, can Dr. Avaliani accurately evaluate the skin laxity and texture and be able to design the most effective treatment plan.

Dr. Avaliani is extremely unique in her approach to deliver the best results in the fastest time without any surgery, scars, or downtime using the best and latest technology. That’s why her office constantly caters to models, actors, news anchors, celebrities, fitness industry people, athletes, and simply people who invest in their self-care.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Filler Injections Into Temples For An Instant Eye Lift

Written by Dr.Anna Avaliani MD

Dr. Anna Avaliani is a leading female expert on Upper East Side in New York City specializing in cosmetic and laser surgery. She is a Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, ASLMS (American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery), and a Diplomat of the American Board of Medical Specialties. Dr.Avaliani’s unique approach is very much appreciated and recognized locally and internationally by her loyal patient following. Her high-end clientele includes many celebrity models, actors, TV hosts, celebrity makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion designers, and many billionaires and influential people. Haute Beauty Expert Dr. Anna Avaliani discusses 5 reasons that Temple filler injections can address to achieve a youthful appearance.

Dr. Avaliani is a GAIN national injection trainer for Galderma and is very proud to be a part of the incredible team of leaders in new innovations for facial harmonization techniques.

Men and women have this concern but many don’t understand it. That’s why it’s important to choose the right providers who are not simple injectors but rather facial sculptors and artists.

WHY Temple Injection with filler is amazing!

Here are the 5 reasons how Temple filler injection can help achieve:

  1. Eyebrow lift
  2. Eyelid lift
  3. Balanced facial head shape or no “peanut head”
  4. Cheek lift
  5. Jowls lift

Temple area is very often avoided for injection because of fear of now knowing how what and where to inject. It also has to be the right patient and the right technique as this injection should only be performed by very well-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable master injectors.

The most common type of patient who benefits greatly from a Temple filler injection is typically a very thin and active individual like a runner.

Even celebrities have this issue and one of the best examples of this is the Sarah Jessica Parker photo below.

Sunken temples make her face look longer and she almost always wears her hair down to hide this facial flaw.

How is Temple filler injected?
Dr. Avaliani is a master expert injector and safety is her top priority. Temple filler injection is her most favorite area to inject. She uses a vein finding technology of AccuVein and only injects using microcannulas for added safety for her patients. The entire procedure takes less than 10 minutes.

What type of filler is the best for Temple area injection?
Dr. Avaliani considers Sculptra Aesthetic filler as the “gold standard” for temple injections. This particular filler gradually replaces lost collagen and restores support of the outer eyebrow area, creating a filling and lifting effect all in one.

Does injection of filler into the temple area hurt?
Absolutely minimal discomfort is felt as this is done via microcannula and one should only expect a tiny one prick on each side of the cheek.

How much bruising to expect after filler injection into Temples?
Almost zero bruising is possible as there are only 2 tiny injection points.

What is the recovery after Temple area injection?
There is typically a little swelling as Sculptra Aesthetic comes with fluid needed to spread the PLLA particles in the injection. This fluid takes about 1 day to be absorbed and recommended facial massage after this injection also helps to absorb the fluid faster leading to super-fast recovery. There may be mild tenderness in the area for 1 day after the procedure, but it’s self-resolving, and taking a little Tylenol or NSAID if needed should help with the discomfort.

What are the side effects and risks of Temple area injection with fillers?
The most common side effects are tenderness, redness, swelling, and bruising. The not so common are potential nodule formation and delayed allergic reaction to the PLLA stimulant present in the Sculptra Injection. The unwanted side effects are infection and intravascular injection into a blood vessel. Dr. Avaliani is very aware and very knowledgeable with the anatomical landmarks as well as the best techniques for this area and that’s why she utilizes AccuVein and microcannula technique for this injection area.

Trust your face to an expert and an artist and always ask any and all questions which may arise before your procedure.

The new injection can make double chin disappear and make faces look slimmer all in one in the hands of Dr. Avaliani.

The Chin is a new Cheek in 2021 and it adds Beauty from every angle .

Written by Dr. Anna Avaliani MD

Dr. Avaliani is a GAIN national injection trainer for Galdema and is very proud to be a part of the incredible team of leaders in new innovations for facial harmonization techniques. Chin definition has always been a key area in her practice for many years and now it’s great to see that FDA approved chin for injections a well. Thanks to being one of the leaders and artists  in the aesthetic market, Dr. Avaliani has been offering her patients non surgical chin augmentation procedure for the last 5 years .

Facial Harmonization and Facial balancing is now gaining more attention than overfilled and overcorrected cheeks. Recent approval of Restylane Defyne for chin augmentation in February of 2021 has generated a lot of excitement in the aesthetic industry

What is a non surgical chin augmentation?

It’s also known and chin filler injection or chin filler augmentation which is done with an injection of a dermal filler.

Who is an ideal candidate for non surgical chin augmentation?

Any person who feels like their side profile is non defined, maybe they feel like they have a double chin or maybe their nose looks too big in proportion to their face or maybe they feel like they have. a lot of sad lines around their mouth. Many people look at themselves in many different ways, therefore chin definition is something thant can easily balance and frame someone’s face.

Some of the amazing Benefits of non surgical chin augmentation which is life changing:

  • It can make the face look slimmer and longer
  • It’s a great part of facial harmonization technique
  • It creates facial sliming and contouring that is semi permanent
  • It can make the face look more masculine for male patient
  • It can give more definition and support
  • It can make face look younger and creates less saggy skin in the neck area
  • It improves profile for both men and women
  • It improved double chin appearance for both men and women

Why Restylane Defyne has been chosen as the best filler for non surgical chin augmentation ?

The natural expression HA technology of Restylane Defyne makes it an ideal candidate which adds support and allows flexibility. Chin is very closely located to the mouth area and having a very stiff chin may make one feel slightly awkward and may even look like obvious that something was done to the chin, while Restylane Defyne natural expression technology, moves with you as you speak or make any facial expression while maintaining facial balance and harmonization without being obvious. This product is simply a great hidden secret in the hands of injection artists.

How long does non surgical Chin augmentation last?

The exact duration varies from person to person and is dependent on a few factors like:

The type of filler (HA or other products or even the type of HA)

The injected volume

The metabolism of the patient

The location is one of them as well, but chin is a pretty solid structure which doesn’t move as much as the lips for example.

The average duration is about 12 months or 1 year. If you need 2-4 syringes to achieve the desired result, then in 12 months you may need just 1 or 2 mls to keep the results.

How much does non surgical chin augmentation cost?

The cost varies depending on the location of the practice, the experience of the provider as well as the injection technique used and the amount of product to nbe used. It is impossible to accurately predict the cost without in-person consultation.

How many syringes are needed for non surgical chin augmentation?

That number nvaries from person to person and is dependeant on invividual’s anatomy.

The average amount injected during clinical trials was any where between 4-6 ml of product. Please understand that 5 ml or 5 cc of a product is only a tiny teaspoon and is not a lot.  Some people will only need 1-2 syringes if they have a already a good chin support but people that need more support, will need more product.  It can easily take more than one visit to achieve a “happy spot” which is then most recommended approach for satefy and patient outcomes

How long is the recovery after  non surgical chin augmentation?

The recovery is very uneventful, There might be feeling of tightness, soreness for 1-2 days after the procedure. The most common side effects reported, were redness, swelling, soreness and bruising which lasted for a few days only. This one is fairly easy.

How long does non surgical chin augmentation procedure take?

Once the procedure starts, it can take 5-10 minutes depending on patient comfort and the amount of syringes to be used and well and the hand and expertise of the provider. Non surgical chin augmentation with Dr. Avaliani usually takes 5-10 minutes the most as the performs multiple injection procedures on daily basis.

Does non surgical chin augmentation hurt?

There is absolutely no pain or discomfort. The topical numbing and the lidocaine inside the HA filler, only give a very slight discomfort. It’s probably the easiest and the most comfortable area for the patient to receive injection into.

Can men get non surgical chin augmentation?

Absolutely. Strong chins have always been considered very attractive and very powerful.

Strong chin for a male patient is almost as important as having luscious and full lips for a female patient.

Can women get non surgical chin augmentation?

Women can absolutely get non surgical chin augmentation as it will balance their features, allows for a longer, slimmer, and more defined look while created support and removing a double chin and softening or erasing early jowls.

How do I know what product is the best for non surgical chin augmentation?

Restylane Defyne is likely the best and only product on the market which slows for support and flexibility at the same time. The two other HA fillers which can be used for chin augmentation are Restylane Lyftand Juvederm Voluma. The best product would be determined by your aesthetic provider at the time of your in person consultation.

Do results of non surgical chin augmentation look similar like receiving a chin implant?

The answer depends whether the appropriate candidate was chosen and whether the patient had realistic expectations and whether the aesthetic provider was skilled in delivering the most amazing results.

If the appropriate patient, with realistic expectations comes to an injection expert, then the result can absolutely look like a chin implant was injected except the patient has no recovery, no scars, no potential nerve damage, etc.

The best and most accurate answer is that it depends. Surgery and non surgery cannot be considered the same, but in best cases they can be pretty close.

Is it safe to get Fillers with COVID-19 Vaccine? Facts about Fillers and COVID-19 Vaccine

Written by Dr.Anna Avaliani MD

One of the hottest topics in discussion in the Aesthetic industry for the beginning of 2021 is the news of dermal filler swelling after receiving COVID-19 vaccinations.

This news report of facial swelling is nothing worrisome or abnormal as there have been multiple reports of associated dermal filler swelling after receiving other vaccinations, including the influenza vaccine aka the flu shot.

The latest update of the news of facial filler swelling after receiving Moderna COVID-19 vaccine comes from a clinical trial involving 30,000 patients, out of which, only 3 patients have reported associated facial filler swelling after receiving the vaccine. Out of these 3 patients, one has had a similar reaction when they received an Influenza vaccine a few years prior.

Fact: In all three cases: the swelling reported was Temporary, Treatable, Reversible and all patients recovered.

All swelling has completely resolved with treatment of oral steroids and anti-histamines.

At this point, close to 30% of Our patients have received both Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine since the beginning of December 2020. Our office is located in very close proximity to many big hospitals and medical facilities such as NYU, Cornell, Mouth Sinai, NY Presbyterian, MSK ( Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) , HSS ( Hospital of Special Surgery), and many others. Close to 20-25 % of our patients are in health care and then we have about 5-10% of teachers, all of them are essential. To this date, and it has been 2 months, not a single patient called to report any abnormal swelling after receiving their second dose of vaccines.

Will my face swell after receiving COVID-19 vaccine if I have Restylane Family of HA Fillers?

The answer is, no one knows yet and it doesn’t really matter. It will not affect the management of swelling in any way.  It has not been reported on the type of filler that the 3 patients have received or where the filers have been injected or how long it has been since their original treatments.

At the end:All swelling has completely resolved with treatment of oral steroids and anti- histamines.

Will my face swell after receiving COVID-19 vaccine if I have Restylane Family of HA Fillers?

The answer is, no one knows yet and it doesn’t really matter. It will not affect the management of swelling in any way. It has not been reported on the type of filler that the 3 patients have received or where the filers have been injected or how long it has been since their original treatments.

Will my face swell after receiving COVID-19 vaccine if I have Sculptra Aesthetic injections?

It has not been reported on the type of filler that the 3 patients have received or where the filers have been injected or how long it has been since their original filler treatments. 

Are dermal filler injections safe after getting Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine?

Absolutely yes. Receiving your vaccine should not prevent you from continuing your anti-aging protocol. The only times where it would not be advisable or contraindicated if there were reports of anaphylactic reactions or worse, death.

Are dermal fillers safe to get if I got Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine?

Absolutely safe. There are no contraindications or severe side effects reported at all.

Are dermal fillers safe to get if I received Moderna COVID-19 vaccine?

Absolutely safe. There are no contraindications or severe side effects reported at all.

How long should I wait after receiving COVID-19 vaccine before getting my dermal filler injections?How to best schedule receiving dermal filler injections around your COVID-19 vaccination

There are no guidelines as how long to wait or even if waiting is necessary. It depends on patient comfort for sure.  Some patients will not care as they have travel plans or events they need to attend, while others will wait until after their second dose and then resume their treatments.

Prolonger facial swelling after dermal fillers is extremely rare and one should not hesitate to call their doctor to ask whether its normal.Our office has a very comprehensive and detailed follow up system in place to answer any questions our patients have so they will feel confident and comfortable.

What to take at home to help with dermal filler swelling after receiving COVID-19 vaccine?

You may try taking over the counter anti-histamines such as Benadryl (be careful as this may make you drowsy/sleepy), Allegra or Allegra-D, or Claritin, etc and over the counter  NSAIDS’s such as Aleve, Motrin, Advil.  There is not one drug better than the other. Before taking any medications, please make sure you have discussed them with your treating physician.

The conclusion is that safety of dermal fillers have been established over the  last 29 years. With current pandemic situation and fear of COVID 19, things that were not important or noticeable before may appear unusual or worrisome.  The 3 patients who reported side effects of swelling and tenderness, have been treated with full resolution of their symptoms. Don’t forget that swelling is the most common side effects after receiving your dermal filler injection and should be expected and self limited. Trust your provider and make sure you have a proper follow up.

If you ae not comfortable receiving injections, no one is forcing you but if you are looking for a clear answer, it doesn’t exist.  The reactions reported are side effects and NOT contraindications, therefore receiving dermal filler injections is purely a voluntary decision.

This reaction may happen with any other vaccine and has been reported with Flu vaccine in the past, but it seems like people forgot about anything except COVID.Also, all side effects completely resolved without anything abnormal.

5 amazing procedures to try for saggy necks in 2020

Written by Dr.Anna Avaliani MD

Skin is the largest body organ.  Hence, there are a lot of other very important and very close body areas to pay attention to and not just the face.

In very close proximity to our face, we have our necks, chest, and the rest of the body!

Many people commit the same mistake of focusing just on their faces and ignoring everything below, including their necks!  The creepy or wrinkly skin on the neck is the first sign that gives away the age. Let’s all start paying attention to the forgotten but very important body area. Head and neck are connected and must be considered as one and treated togetherbut not necessarily with the same treatment or settings or both.

In the following blog we will try to explain the 5 best procedure treatments for improvement of the skin on the neck area. Maybe it is better to classify them and then organize them based on their recovery time.

The top 5 treatments for saggy neck lines and neck skin according to Dr.Anna Avaliani MD are :

Lets try to  divide the above to lasers and skin collagen boosting injections

The first 3 are lasers.The last two are collagen stimulators and are administered by an injection.

 To learn more about them, please click on the hyperlink to be directed to a page that describes each treatment in more detail. 

What options does one have when creams don’t do the tick anymore? The simple answer is lasers. Now, where does one start with best treatments or best laser treatments for neck rejuvenation?

The best treatment option depends on the age, skin quality and laxity, photo damage present and the skin type as not all lasers are created equal. The results depend on the proper initial assessment of your skin as well as knowledge and availability of the correct laser and then the expertise to utilize it in the best way possible to give amazing results.  Just FYI, Results are obtained with skills and knowledge, not lasers, as lasers are simple tools, What one provider may not be able to understand or achieve, the other provider may give you the best results possible.

What lasers are the best for saggy neck?

There is no single laser that is better than others. The answer really depends on the skin quality and the skin type of the patient, as well as, the expertise and skills of the provider performing them.

Who performs th e treatments in Dr.Avaliani’s office? Who is the best with lasers?

Most, if not all lasers, are performed by Dr.Avaliani herself and only a few other lasers  are designated and are under direct supervision and guidance of the doctor. The technician simply follows the expertinstructions given.

Which laser is right for me and my neck?

It is impossible to determine this without an actual in person consultation. The addition of virtual consultation service has helped many providers and patients to connect from a distance and be able to discuss the plan as well as to better prepare for their treatments

The neck rejuvenation and neck tightening consultation may need to involve lasers for skin discoloration, for skin texture, for under skin fat or even the saggy skin where one might need tightening. Many patients need a combination because it is very rare that saggy neck is caused by a single factor. Simple rule is that aging is multifactorial with skin, collagen fat and bone changes and hence the treatment should be

Can my sensitive skin on my neck handle laser?

Of CourseYes, but it just has to be done right.

I’m not sure I am ready for lasers. Are there non laser options for skin tightening or resurfacing using non laser technology?

There are many laser and non laser treatment options as well a surgical and non surgical ones. Non laser and non surgical options for skin tightening include injections and topical creams.

Are lasers safe for Asian skin for necks?

Yes, lasers are generally safe. It just has to be the right laser.  The technology has advanced so much  thatAsian skin can now be expertly treated.  Just avoid CO2 or old generation Fraxel lasers or super aggressive and ablative laser resurfacing.

Are lasers safe for Hispanic/Latino skin type?

Not all lasers are created equal. Generally the lasers can be performed on Hispanic/Latino skin but it must be performed with an expert only. The right laser, the right settings and the right patient equals success.

Are lasers safe for African-American types of skin for neck treatments?

Not all lasers are created equal. Generally the lasers can be performed on African American or African- Caribbean skin, but it must be performed with an expert only. The right laser, the right settings and the right patient equals success. 

Will laser treatments for neck affect my ability to speak or eat?

No, laser safety must be maintained at all times and Dr.Avaliani will carefully examine you prior, monitor you during and evaluate after your treatment.  There have been no reports of any patient being affected on speech  or eating after receiving non invasive laser treatments

Will there be recovery after the laser?

Non surgical and not ablative lasers give virtually no downtime.

Tempsure is RF, so no recovery at all

Ultherapy is HIFU ultrasound, no recovery at all

Genius RF Microneedling maybe 1-2 days of redness and occasionally left over needle track marks which can last up to 1 weeks.

Nothing a little makeup coverup cant handle 

How long is the recovery after neck treatment?

The answer depends on what exactly you had performed. It can be a couple of hours of redness to a couple of days of redness and/or swelling

How long does it take to get results?

It depends on each individual and varies. Some may see results after one treatment others may see it after 5 sessions or

How long will neck laser results last for?

It depends on the laser used, the type of collagen generated and on your lifestyle and how one takes careof the skin, in particular protecting it with sunblock and moisturizers and antioxidants.  

To learn about what treatment will give you the best results and to schedule your expert consultation with Dr.Avaliani, please call or text 212-673-8888. We look forward to

New York-Based Dr. Avaliani Dishes On The Best Way To Remove Microblading

Dr. Avaliani is a leading female expert on Upper East Side in New York City specializing in cosmetic and laser surgery. She is a Member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, ASLMS (American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery) and a Diplomate of American Board of Medical Specialties. Dr. Avaliani’s unique approach is very much appreciated and recognized locally and internationally by her loyal patient following. Her high-end clientele includes many celebrity models, actors, TV hosts, celebrity makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion designers, and many billionaires and influential people. Dr. Avaliani dishes on the best way to remove bad microblading from eyebrows without scaring and without the risk of losing hair.

Over the last few years, there has been an increased interest in eyebrows as a body part. Eyebrows are an important feature of the face and can highlight the beauty of facial features and eyes. They can also frame the shape of the face and make someone look older or younger.

People can paint their eyebrows using pencils or powders for temporary enhancement. Others, who are looking for a longer-lasting trick, are turning to Microblading for answers.

The microblading trend has been a game-changer for many people, it has helped many women save tremendous time spent on makeup application, restored their confidence, gave eyebrows to many who never had them, who plucked them out when it was a trend or unfortunately lost them due to chemotherapy or other medication side effects.

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of makeup but is a form of a facial tattoo. When done nicely it looks great but there is very little room for errors. But we are here to talk about bad microblading and how to remove it as fast as possible and as safe as possible.

There are many ways which have been mentioned before including injections of saline, simply waiting, trying different lasers or resorting to surgery, or using cover up makeup.

I have been using the best and the gold standard laser for tattoo removal and have created a unique treatment protocol designed for microblading removal from the eyebrows.

It takes less than 5 minutes to perform, and leaves no marks, or scars and does not affect the natural hairs of the eyebrow. No burns or hair fall our ever. It may just take one session or it can be a few, but never more than 4.

PicoSure Zoom Lens laser is FDA cleared for all ink colors, and all skin colors and does not affect any hairs or hair growth. It also never causes any scars or burns and it the safest and quickest solution to help people forget about their bad microblading experience and restore their confidence when it’s done in the hands-on the expert.

Dr. Avaliani is the world renowned PicoSure laser expert specializing in face and body laser rejuvenation and has developed her own treatment protocols using PicoSure to help her patients achieve the best results possible.  Trust yourself to an expert this time and always.

To find out more about Picosure visit www.dravaliani.com/cosmetic-treatments/reveal-your-skin/picosure-tattoo-removal/

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Avaliani visit www.dravaliani.com

The BEST Body Contouring Center of NYC brings you EMSculpt NEO. What is the cost of EMSculptNEO

The Best Technology of 2020 has arrived!!!!  What can possibly be better than EMSculpt? The answer is EMSculpt NEO!

Dr. Anna Avaliani is the first provider in NYC offering EMSculpt Neo after being the first to bring EMSculpttechnology  to NYC over  2 years ago.

Dr.Avaliani’s practice is the leading practice in NYC in body contouring offering all the possible and best devices on the planet to help her patients achieve the best possible results.

It’s one place that has it all and Dr.Avaliani is a true expert when it comes to designing a treatment plan for her patients using technology devices as her tools . She chooses the devices which help achieve the best possible result.

In only 30 minutes, you can receive a true trifecta of body contouring devices

Treat Muscle


Treat Fat


Treat Skin


The only thing that can be  better than HIFEM technology for muscle building is muscle building and fat burning at once!

What is EMSculpt Neo?

It’s like EMSculpt on steroids!  Its dual technology combining HIFEM and RF technology. HIFEM is to build muscle and RF (radio frequency) is for fat burning and skin tightening

How long is EMSculpt Neo treatment?

It takes only 30 minutes just like EMSculpt

Does EMSculpt Neo treatment really work?

We have 30 clinical studies and publications showing over 90% satisfaction rate of the people who received treatment.  They achieven on average 30% reduction rate in Fat and 25% in muscle mass

How does EMSculpt Neo treatment feel?

It feels like little warming sensation while doing crunches. Absolutely no pain and no recovery

What technology does EMSculpt NEO use?

It’s a combination of HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic) and RF (Radio Frequency)

Does EMSculpt Neo treatment hurt?

Absolutely no.  EMSculpt Neo is totally painless treatment and

How much does EMSculpt Neo treatment cost?

The price of the EMSculpt Neo is expected to be released with it’s release date. It should not be compared to EMSculpt as this does fat burning as well as muscle building.

The final cost will depend on the body area to be treated as well as how many sessions it will take.

What is the price difference  betweenEMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo?

EMSCulpt Neo is a dual or even triple technology in one treatment hence the expected cost of treatment will be higher that EMSculpt alone.

How do I know if I need EMSculpt or EMSculpt Neo?

Which technology is better suited for you can only be determined at the time of your consultation and depends on your body shape and desired result.

Dr.Avaliani will be more than happy to tell you when you come to in person consultation or virtual consultation.

When will EMSculpt NEO arrive?

It was FDA approved on October 17th, 2020 and is set to be delivered at the end of November or early December of 2020.

Dr.Avaliani will be one of the first  100 practices in the country to have it as she is a TOP EMSculpt provider in NYC.

What is HIFEM Plus and when is it coming?

Full Body Core to Floor non invasive workout.

HIFEM and HIFEM Plus provider in NYC, Dr.Avaliani offers the latest Core to Floor Technology in her State of the Art Laser Center on Park Avenue in New York.

We offer (HIFEM) EMSculptand (MMS) CoolTone technology and will be adding HIFEM Plus as we are the top EMSculpt providers in NY and the ONLY practive to have all three !  That says a lot.

What can possibly be  better that HIFEM technology? Of Course  HIFEM Plus !!!

When is HIFEM Plus Coming?  It’s being released and unveiled on October 17th, 2020

What is HIFEM? Here is the spell out of the HIFEM and its meaning






What is so special about HIFEM Plus Technology by BTL?  The makers of the EMSculpt are releasing an even better and upgraded protocol to achieve revolutionary results and we are just so excited for it.

What is the difference between HIFEM and HIFEM Plus technology?

They are both made by the BTL industries , who are the makers of EMSculpt, EMSella, EMtone, Exilis devices.

EMSculpt and EMSella  both utilize HIFEM technology for super strong core workout and ultimately better skeletal health and medical health .

HIFEM plus technology will feature updated treatment protocols likely with an addition of extra body areas.


We are all just as excited for the reveak of HIFEM plus so we can conduct a comparison  between  HIFEM  and HIFEM Plus and HIFEM Plus and MMS technology of CoolTone.

To learn more about HIFEM aka EMSculpt. Please read here: EMSculpt

To learn more about MMS  ( Magnetic Muscle Stimulations) you can read it here:CoolTone NYC


Dr. Anna Avaliani is an award-winning Park Avenue physician renowned for her non-invasive cosmetic procedures. In the new normal of working from home, Zoom keeps professional careers in motion. But Zoom is also the great revealer of cosmetic flaws, Lines, wrinkles, sags, hollows, double chin, uneven pigment. These problems are even more obvious on Zoom than in person.

Dr. Avaliani’s practice is thriving with a clientele who want to look great in person and on screen. Below are five FDA-approved procedures that have become particularly popular in her high-tech (and beautiful) office.

1. Liquid Facelift with Facial Harmonization — A unique blend of select dermal fillers, collagen stimulants, and neuromodulators for a well-rested, lifted, and smoother face. Instantly eliminate tired eyes or eye bags. Totally non-invasive, half-hour procedure.

2. Double-Chin Reduction — Gained the quarantine 15? Had another birthday? Dr. Avaliani can choose from her array of options for the best and most natural results possible. Dr. Avaliani is a top expert both in CoolSculpting and SculpSure, and is highly skilled in using their respective special applicators for the under-chin area. She is also highly experienced in Kybella, a relatively new injectable that melts away fat. The best option is totally dependent on a careful and thoughtful consultation.

3. Tighter Skin — Ultherapy is the non-invasive, gold standard skin treatment. It promotes new collagen and tightens skin all over the face (or whole body). It can create an amazing open-eye
look and lift a droopy mouth.

4. Non-surgical Face Lift — NovaThreads are USA-made medical-grade threads that are absorbable over time. They provide both an instant lift and a time-released lift as new collagen is created. The effect can last close to two years. Dr. Avaliani keeps on top of this technology, which includes an assortment of threads, including the latest Barb

5. High-Tech Neck Treatment — The combination of microneedling and RF (radio frequency using the Genius RF device) and microbotox injections are easy, painless treatments for a more youthful neck. Dr. Avaliani believes the neck is an oftentimes forgotten body part that is as visible as the face and should be considered as important. Dr. Avaliani is supremely interested in her patients’ comfort and recovery. She researches and trains in the latest advances and techniques for devices and products. She uses the thinnest cannulas possible, for comfort and natural results. Patients are offered special numbing cream (which also minimizes bruising), or a whiff of ProNox (laughing gas) for a totally painless and happy experience. As part of Dr. Avaliani’s careful and cautious approach, she makes use of AccuVein, a special light that detects exactly where she needs to avoid a blood vessel to prevent bruising from an injectable.

Dr. Avaliani offers contactless check-in and check-out, and the latest in payment options, including cryptocurrency. You can have your choice of an in-office or virtual consultation. Her warm and caring personality, impeccable credentials, and deep expertise can offer you the best experience and most natural results.

Anna Avaliani, M.D.
30 East 60th Street, Suite 1100
212.673.8888 | dravaliani.com
Instagram @dr.annaavaliani