Dr. Anna Avaliani is an award-winning Park Avenue physician renowned for her non-invasive cosmetic procedures. In the new normal of working from home, Zoom keeps professional careers in motion. But Zoom is also the great revealer of cosmetic flaws, Lines, wrinkles, sags, hollows, double chin, uneven pigment. These problems are even more obvious on Zoom than in person.

Dr. Avaliani’s practice is thriving with a clientele who want to look great in person and on screen. Below are five FDA-approved procedures that have become particularly popular in her high-tech (and beautiful) office.

1. Liquid Facelift with Facial Harmonization — A unique blend of select dermal fillers, collagen stimulants, and neuromodulators for a well-rested, lifted, and smoother face. Instantly eliminate tired eyes or eye bags. Totally non-invasive, half-hour procedure.

2. Double-Chin Reduction — Gained the quarantine 15? Had another birthday? Dr. Avaliani can choose from her array of options for the best and most natural results possible. Dr. Avaliani is a top expert both in CoolSculpting and SculpSure, and is highly skilled in using their respective special applicators for the under-chin area. She is also highly experienced in Kybella, a relatively new injectable that melts away fat. The best option is totally dependent on a careful and thoughtful consultation.

3. Tighter Skin — Ultherapy is the non-invasive, gold standard skin treatment. It promotes new collagen and tightens skin all over the face (or whole body). It can create an amazing open-eye
look and lift a droopy mouth.

4. Non-surgical Face Lift — NovaThreads are USA-made medical-grade threads that are absorbable over time. They provide both an instant lift and a time-released lift as new collagen is created. The effect can last close to two years. Dr. Avaliani keeps on top of this technology, which includes an assortment of threads, including the latest Barb

5. High-Tech Neck Treatment — The combination of microneedling and RF (radio frequency using the Genius RF device) and microbotox injections are easy, painless treatments for a more youthful neck. Dr. Avaliani believes the neck is an oftentimes forgotten body part that is as visible as the face and should be considered as important. Dr. Avaliani is supremely interested in her patients’ comfort and recovery. She researches and trains in the latest advances and techniques for devices and products. She uses the thinnest cannulas possible, for comfort and natural results. Patients are offered special numbing cream (which also minimizes bruising), or a whiff of ProNox (laughing gas) for a totally painless and happy experience. As part of Dr. Avaliani’s careful and cautious approach, she makes use of AccuVein, a special light that detects exactly where she needs to avoid a blood vessel to prevent bruising from an injectable.

Dr. Avaliani offers contactless check-in and check-out, and the latest in payment options, including cryptocurrency. You can have your choice of an in-office or virtual consultation. Her warm and caring personality, impeccable credentials, and deep expertise can offer you the best experience and most natural results.

Anna Avaliani, M.D.
30 East 60th Street, Suite 1100
212.673.8888 |
Instagram @dr.annaavaliani