After Botox/Dysport

Post care instructions after Botox or Dysport Treatment from Dr. Avaliani

Are there any restrictions in activities I can perform?

It is generally not recommended to participate in strenuous exercise activities that produce a lot of sweating. One should avoid hot yoga or hot sauna and standing on the head upside down (if this is something you are in to)

When does the product start working?

The product starts working in the first 24-48 hours, but may generally take up to 7 days until the full effect is seen

How will I know that it’s working?

The answer depends on the area that was treated.
If you received treatment in your upper face, you may simply notice that you are not seeing the lines or wrinkles that were bothering you before.
If your forehead was treated, you may experience a pulling or slight headache like feeling, which happens when the muscle is getting relaxed and you are involuntarily still trying to move it. This feeling may last for a few days and then completely resolves.
If you received injections for underarm hyperhidrosis, you will notice that the sweat odor is decreasing and your underarms stay dry

How long will the results last?

Botox and Dysport has results should last for about 3-4 months, with slight variations depending on the area that was treated and the amount injected.

What are the most common side effects after my treatment?

Mild pain, soreness and discoloration and mild swelling are the most common and transient side effects reported. They usually resolve within 30 min or less.
There is less than 2 % chance of eye lid swelling when the product is injected around the eyes for treatment of “crows feet” wrinkles. It is self limited and one can apply an ice pack to help the swelling decrease. It is usually very mild and will last less than one day.

There is less than 3% chance of lid ptosis, when an upper eye lid droops down and can’t stay up. This can happen when the area between the eyebrows is treated as the product may travel a little too close to the muscle responsible for opening and closing your eye. When this happens, please call Dr. Avaliani’s office to schedule an appointment. This effect is transient and Dr. Avaliani will prescribe you special eye drops that will resolve the issue. There is absolutely no damage that was done and it is temporary.

Occasionally, one eye brow is able to move and he other one stay put, this is a predictable result and can very easily be fixed by adding a little more product to the eyebrow that moves.

When should I return after my treatment?

It is very important you follow up in 2 weeks after your treatment to be evaluated and to make sure the product took effect appropriately and no additional product injection is needed.
Please remember that follow up visit is part of your initial payment and if any additional product needs to be injected at 2 week visit, it is offered by Dr. Avaliani complimentary.

When should I make my next treatment appointment?

It is usually recommended to make an appointment in 3-4 months after your last treatment

How will I know when I need to return ?

If you received treatment for excessive sweating, you will notice that you start developing sweat odor and wet stains. You should not wait until the product completely wears off and call the office to schedule your next treatment visit.
If you received the treatment for your facial wrinkles, you should not wait for the muscles to fully start moving again. Once should return for next treatment session when about 75% of muscle activity is regained. This will ensure that the muscle will still be in relaxed state and has not regained the function we tried to make it forget. By continuing regular injections, the muscles tend to forget their function and stay rested, therefore prolonging the effects of the Botox or Dysport treatment from 3-4 months to about 6-8 months, providing great savings and giving you wrinkle free face.

If you did not make your follow up appointment, please do not forget to call the office at 212-673-8888