Aging Hands

How to improve veiny and wrinkly hands in NYC

Match your hands to your beautiful face!

We all love advances in cosmetic and laser surgery and that’s why so many people use it now, due to virtually no downtime and phenomenal outcomes. Women focus on their face, then slowly improve their necks and chest to match their face, but forget about another very important body part, the part that is used for touch and affection, the human hands.

What causes hand aging?

Hands start to look older when the skin loses its elasticity and the fat disappears, giving way to bulging veins and tendon’s. What’s important to consider is also appearance of dark spots or sun spots which give away the aging hands. Therefore the perfect combination treatment is to remove the age spots, tighten the loose skin and plump up the volume.

How can Dr. Avaliani help?

Hand rejuvenating is gaining great popularity these days as a very simple and quick procedure with fantastic results. The exact treatment one person might need is very different from the other as the hands differ.  Some people simply want to remove the unwanted age spots which they feel embarrassed about, while others have more pronounced volume loss, which gives them a very bony and old looking hand appearance and treatment for these two hands are very different as well.

How is the treatment done?

Dr. Avaliani will educate you about all the different options during your consultation.  Treatment modalities range from the latest sun spot removal and skin tighening with PicoSure® Focus to simple dermal filler injection to add some volume. All injectable procedures are performed are under strict sterile conditions and are rather quick and painless with only takes a few injections. With the help of Accuvein laser technology and cannula injection techniques the result in no bruising and no damage to blood vessels, tendons or nerves, just young and rejuvenated hands that will match your face.

What can Dr. Avaliani offer?