Unwanted fat

Eliminate unwanted body fat in NYC

What is fat or adipose tissue?

Humans are born with predetermined number of fat cells. This process is completed around 14th week of gestation. The numbers of cells stabilize and only continue to expand their volume until about the age of 10. During puberty, very small amount of left over progenitor cells behind to change into the new fat cells due to hormonal changes associated with puberty. How much they grow depends on the lifestyle, diet, exercise as well as the genetic factors. Adult-onset obesity mainly involves increasing the size of existing fat cells and not their number. Weight loss after dietary changes is due to reduced volume and not their overall number.
Adipose tissue or fat normally represents 15%-20% of the body weight in men ad slightly more in women.

There are 2 types of adipose fat, white and brown. White fat is more abundant and is distributed all over the body into 3 compartments: subcutaneous, intraabdominal and other, like facial fat pads, around joints (knees), and pads in palms and soles.
In males, the fat layer is distributed over the back of the neck, shoulders (deltoids), back of the upper arm (triceps brachii), lower back (lumbosacral region) and buttocks. In females, additional fat is deposited in the breasts, buttocks, hips and thighs.
Brown fat is much less abundant and is crucial for the body’s thermoregulatory mechanism, especially in infancy.

Want to get rid of unwanted extra body fat?

There are invasive and non invasive methods to get rid of unwanted stubborn fat. Majority of people looking for elimination of extra pad fat are healthy and fit, and cannot seem to get rid of that last “pouch” no matter what they do. Latest advances in cosmetic and laser surgery help these people to regain their confidence and boost their dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Remember, diet and exercise is not a short term thing, it’s a life long commitment and a life style choice.

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