Wrinkles on the chest area

Chest wrinkle removal in NYC. Reveal your best chest

How to remove wrinkles on the chest area?

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What are the causes of wrinkle development on the décolletage area?

This is a sensitive topic for women in particular. Women always desire to look younger and sexier, and that includes wearing a low cut dress top or a shirt, but as we get older, we suddenly start covering up our chest and feeling self-conscious. With the latest non surgical advances in cosmetic and laser surgery, there is a variety of options available to reclaim your confidence and sexiness back.
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Why do I have chest wrinkles?

Common reasons for development of chest wrinkles is due to the loss of elasticity and collagen resulting in skin stretching. There is also a component of bone resorption and thinning, as our chest wall has a bone in the middle, called sternum, which over time, can become thinner and create volume loss, saggy skin and wrinkles.
Skin stretching from changes in weight, pregnancy hormones, breast volume increase due to breastfeeding, all are partially responsible for this phenomenon. Another equally important contributing factor is sun damage. Sun tanning, sun burns, pending too much time on the beach, weakens your skin collagen and elastin and make the skin saggy. Women tend to apply SPF only to their faces, but often forget about their necks and chest, where sun can touch as well.

What can Dr. Avaliani offer me?

It is important to have an expert evaluation of your concerns. Dr. Avaliani offers complementary consultation: