Browns Spots and Sun Spots

Best Sun spot/Brown spot removal in NYC

Who develops sun spots?

Sun spots or Brown spots are very common skin discolorations and they usually appear in people who have had extensive sun exposure or sunburns.
White or Caucasian population are highest risk for developing sun spots as they don’t tan, but rather burn. People of African or Asian descend already have naturally higher level of skin pigment (melanin) and therefore protected form developing these spots.

What causes sun spots to appear?

Age, genetic predisposition as well as history of sunburns and tanning beds are all associated and have been linked to development of sun spots. About 90% of white people over the age of 60 have sun spots. There is a direct correlation link between exposure of UVB (Ultra violet beam) and development of sun spots. High-intensity UVR, cumulative UVR, and unique susceptibility to the proliferative, stimulatory, and mutagenic effects of UVR are all probable causes resulting is this disorder. The harmful effects result in skin cells increasing in number and pigment concentration.

Where do sun spots appear?

The most common locations for sun spot development is face, neck, décolletage, upper back and shoulders, forearms and back of the hands.

What treatments are offered to remove these spots?

The treatment modality also depends on the area of concern. Chemical peels can sometimes help with spots that appear on the face, but other areas require laser treatment as the depth of the sun spot will not allow a chemical peel to get to it.  The most commonly used laser to treat skin discoloration is an IPL laser, which does it’s job well.  It requires a few treatments sessions and has many drawbacks to it such as it cannot be performed in the summer time and there is a high risk of being burned. It also only works on light or white skin, leaving all other skin colors and types with no solution. The most recent introduction to the market was made with PicoSure®- the world’s first and only laser that treats dark spots on ALL skin types and ALL skin colors and is safe in the summer.  This new treatment is slowly revolutionizing the cosmetic industry and Dr.Avaliani is very proud to be able to offer it to her clients.

What can Dr. Avaliani offer?

Dr.Avaliani and her team of experts will offer a detailed skin consultation using Skinscope™ to evaluate the degree and type of skin damage and customize treatment protocols for each client.