Double chin

How to remove under chin fat in NYC?

Forget the turtle neck, regain your profile back and confidence.

What is double chin or turkey neck?

The excess skin under the chin may be caused by an excess fat or excess skin laxity. This extra tissue produces a shadowing effect and makes people look almost immediately fatter and older by altering their natural profile shape.
Both men and women are affected equally, but men tend to suffer more, particularly because they are wearing buttoned up shirt collars with ties, and sometimes, that extra tissue causes them to purchase a size up in clothes, which affects their confidence level and sense of style. Wearing tight ties around their necks causes discomfort and many men choose to loosen them or simply take them off and that just makes them look very sloppy and unprofessional. In today’s highly competitive work force, every detail matters, even the color of your shoes or your tie and if you don’t look representable and don’t exhume confidence, then someone else will grab your spot and will advance in the career ladder.

Why do people have double chins?

Men and women of all ages are prone to developing them and no one is safe. It can be hereditary, due to excessive calorie intake, or simply skin aging and loss of elasticity

How can Dr. Avaliani help?

Dr. Avaliani will perform a very detailed and careful skin examination to determine the exact cause of double chin, as treatment options are very different based on the etiology. It is important to determine if there is extra fat or just loose skin.
Dr. Avaliani offers following services: