Smile lines

Smile lines which are medically known as nasolabial folds

What are smile lines?

They are natural folds around the mouth area located between the corners of the mouth and the cheeks They usually become more noticeable with age, but can occur in people as young as 25.

Why do we get smile lines?

Just to be clear and rest assured, they are not caused by excessive smiling! So please, continue to smile and stay happy.
Smile lines become more pronounced as the midface volume and fat is lost and redistributed, causing the skin laxity to decrease and fold, causing that shadow over corners of the mouth when smiling or at rest. It results from a combination effect of aging, fat loss, loss of skin elasticity, bone resorption and gravity taking over.

How can Dr. Avaliani help?

During your consultation, it is important to determine the exact cause of line formation and the goal is to aim at fixing it’s cause and not treating it’s result.
It is possible that by simply restoring the midface volume ( adding to cheecks), it eliminates the need to correct the smile lines.

How do I know which treatment is for me?

The treatment is to be determined at the time of your consultation and it mostly depends on severity of the the smile lines ( how deep they) are.

What are my treatment options?