Lip lines

What causes lip lines?

With the latest advances in cosmetic surgery, having fuller lips has become a reality for many men and women. The use of injectable fillers to “plump” and correct lip shape with virtually no side effects seems very appealing to many people, especially the 20 somethings. It is important not deviate from the natural and normal lip anatomy as top lip being 1/3 and bottom 2/3 of the lip. Deviations from this standard is what is responsible for the “trout pout” which looks fake and too obvious that something was done. Dr. Avaliani is an expert and only strives to achieve the most natural and elegant results and believes that with lips, less is sometimes more.

How do I know which treatment is best for me?

During your consultation with Dr. Avaliani, you will discuss your lip concerns and express your desired shape.
Dr. Avaliani recommends that you bring photographs of the lips you like would like to achieve.
Some of the common areas of concern regarding the lips:

  • Enhancing the cubid’s bow
  • Elongating the lip anatomy
  • Plumping the top lip or the center of the lip
  • Removing or smoothing away the wrinkles from lips
  • Restoring the lip borders/contour
  • Correcting the “sad” corner’s of the mouth

What are my options?

Dr. Avaliani offers a great variety of services that will achieve the result you are looking for and they may include: