Acne Scars

Acne scar treatment by top Cosmetic Surgeon in NYC

Acne scars can be embarrassing and socially isolating if you let them ruin your life.
There is a variety of different treatments on the market today that will clear up your skin in a few treatment sessions to leave you with a beautiful and glowing skin for life!

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Why do people develop acne scars?

The most common reason for developing acne scars is simply having acne. The reasons vary from genetics to types of acne to treatments used to fix it. The severity of acne is one of the reasons why one might be left with a scar, but even mild acne can leave behind tiny scars or discolorations on the skin surface.
If you popped your pimples or were scratching your skin, you likely irritating the skin making it prone to acne development.

What are the types of acne scars?

  • Ice pick scars: usually 2 mm deep punctures in the skin
  • Boxcar scars: deep scars with sharp edges. Resemble chicken pox scars. Also common on cheeks or temples.
  • Rolling scars: develop due to damage under the skin giving it a wave-like appearance. Usually deep scars.

What are the most common treatments for acne scars?

The treatment modalities vary from chemical peels, microdermabrasion to laser resurfacing and micro needling. The earlier you start your treatment, the better your results will be. The best results are always seen when combination therapies are used and the best combination depends on the acne scar, the severity of the scar, patients skin color and the amount of recovery they wish to have.
The exact treatment depends greatly on the type of the acne scar one has and often includes a combination of more than one treatment to achieve a better cosmetic endpoint. It is important to have a proper consultation to design a treatment plan for the treatment of acne scars.

What does Dr.Avaliani offer for acne scar treatment?

There are many treatments offered at Dr.Avaliani’s office and we listed some of them.

PicoSure Focus treatment for acne scars offers state of the art revolutionary acne scar treatment with no downtime and can be safely performed on ALL skin colors
Genius RF is a new generation of laser therapy FDA cleared for all types of acne scars
Eclipse Micropen and Growth Factor Serum Therapy is a great treatment to stimulate new collagen production, break up old scar tissue and simply renew the skin.
Sculptra Aesthetic is a great addition to very depressed scars which can be filled up with natural collagen and also greatly improves the texture of the skin and the scars. Multiple times Sculptra Aesthetic is combined with another laser modality like PicoSure laser or Genius RF laser.
Chemical peels- there are a variety of peels available and Dr.Avaliani only offers medical grade peels proven to show results. The type of peel chosen depends on the degree of acne scar complexity as well and the skin type and condition.

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