Sagging Skin

Effective skin tightening procedures by a top NYC Cosmetic Surgeon

Instant and Non Invasive modalities to restore skin elasticity and promote collagen build up safely and effectively.

What causes loose skin?

Loose skin develops due to three most common causes:

1.Loss of collagen, which is responsible for elasticity
2.Loss and migration of fat, loosening the skin which allows gravity to take its course
3.UV damage from the sun

What are the most common areas for loose skin?

  • Heaviness of eyelids
  • Deep smile lines
  • Extra folds on your cheeks when you smile
  • Sad or droopy mouth
  • Jowls
  • Double chin
  • Loss of neck contour and definition
  • Wrinkles or Horizontal lines on your neck
  • Wrinkles on your chest
  • Loose or baggy upper arms
  • Extra skin on the abdomen
  • Extra skin above your knees

How can one prevent it?

The key to aging skin is to take care of your skin daily.  It is always easier to prevent than to correct.
A very common mistake made by many people is to do absolutely nothing until about age 40 or 50, and then expect that a single office visit will restore their youthful appearance.  Unfortunately, that is not true and many people don’t realize that skin in the largest human organ and requires maintenance 🙂 Years of sun damage will take years to remove.  Please take care of your skin by protecting it from the harmful sun. Apply sun protections, stay in shade, stay hydrated and you will look beautiful.

What are my treatment options?

Dr. Avaliani, a top NYC Cosmetic Surgeon on Park Ave,  believes in age prophylaxis and offers only the latest and FDA approved modalities with proven results.