Scar treatment modalities by top Cosmetic Surgeon on Park Ave in NYC

Embarrassed by your scar? Feel like you are covering up and hiding ? Are you socially isolating yourself? Does it affect your sex life? Does it affect your self-esteem?

Why do people develop scars?

Scars develop as a consequence of healing process after there has been damage to the protective layer of the skin.
Scars can develop after infections, burns, inflammations, injections, surgeries, and simple scratches, etc.
It’s impossible to predict how well the skin will heal after any type of trauma as genetics and concomitant health related conditions definitely play a significant and important role in regulating the healing process.

Types of Scars:

  • Hyperthrophic
  • Keloid
  • Raised
  • Flat

The most common skin scars are acne scars and surgical scars.

How can one treat surgical scars?

It’s is usually recommended to wait 12-18 months after the surgery to treat any scar as the treatment will interfere with healing process.
There are a few treatments available and each of them works uniquely well in its own way.
It’s important to remember that there is not one specific treatment to treat all scars but rather it’s a step wise approach which takes time.

  • Scar injections
  • Laser treatments: PicoSure Focus and Fraxel laser treatment
  • Micro needling and PRP

Most common adverse effects of scar treatment?

When people decide to treat their scars it’s usually because they are very concerned and self-conscious about it. They are willing to try anything to make it better and refuse to give up.
Redness, pain, change of color, scar becoming raised or very depressed are the most common side effects of scar treatment therapy. Your skin type and color as well as health conditions will dictate the likelihood of you to develop any of the above mentioned effects. Dr. Avaliani will discuss in great detail.

How can Dr.Avaliani help treat surgical scars?

It all starts with a consultation and setting the most realistic goals. Each patient is treated individually and the treatment plan designed is only for the specific patient.
Please call today for your consultation and start the process of regaining your beautiful skin back.