Stretch Marks

PicoSure®  stretch marks eraser in NYC

Regain your confidence back and forget the stretch marks.

What are stretch marks?

Striae are weakening and breaks in skin elasticity tissue with decreased collagen content of the dermal (deep) skin layer. These thin collagen fibers lay parallel to the top layer of the skin (epidermis) resulting in the typical linear shape. Stretch marks are usually multiple, symmetric, well-defined linear lesions initially appearing as elevated red-to-purple color lines (striae rubra) and over time, the color gradually fading into white and skin becoming atrophic with fine wrinkled appearance (striae alba).

Why does one get them Stretch marks?

Stretch marks are very common and usually develop anywhere from age 5 all the way up to 50. Women are almost exclusively affected by this condition and it may result in a great deal of discomfort, embarrassment and isolation. Puberty is responsible for about 25% change of developing stretch marks, while pregnancy carries a whopping 75% chance. Striae appear during the time of rapid increase in size, which most commonly happens in puberty and pregnancy.

For Women, the embarrassing sites are:


Men usually get them on:

Lower back

Other less common areas are underarm (axilla), upper arm and neck area.

What are available treatments for stretch marks?

Dr.Avaliani is proud to offer the only “gold standard” treatment to get rid of the stretch marks available on the market and it’s called PicoSure® Focus. This revolutionary advancement uses unique pico technology to stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in tighter skin and uses no heat.  It is very safe and very effective. Presently before PicoSure came to the market, there was a variety of treatments which promised to only improve the appearance of the stretch marks like topical therapy with pure tretinoin creams. Later, more advanced technologies with collagen stimulation devices such as microneedling and even fractional laser skin resurfacing technologies were also introduced.

How can we help?

Dr. Avaliani offers the latest and the best treatment modalities for the treatment of stretch marks.  It is important to understand that sometimes one treatment might not be able to fully correct the issue, but a combination of treatments will be more effective.  We invite you to come in for a consultation to find out which treatment will be right for you. Our office offers a variety of treatment from natural PRP therapy to fractional laser and excited to introduce PicoSure technology as our latest addition to the family.