Treatment for wrinkles with Dysport in NYC

Achieving natural and softer look and have your wrinkles removed is finally possible.

What is Dysport®?*

Dysport (abobotulinum toxin A) belongs to a family of botulinum toxin products approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in 2009.
It is designed to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face without looking frozen.

*To learn more about Dysport, visit: https://www.dysportusa.com/what-is-dysport

How is Dysport® different from Botox®?

The answer is simply a molecule size. Both Dysport and Botox are from the same family of botulinum toxin products. Botox has been on the market the longest and it’s molecule is large compared to Dysport, which has been on the market since 2007. To help understand the difference on molecular level, Botox is a size of a quarter and Dysport is the size of a dime, hence the difference in the amount of units. For example, 20 units of Botox is the same as 50 units of Dysport. Hope this makes it clearer to understand.*

How does Dysport® work?

Dysport works by temporality relaxing muscle activity responsible for wrinkle creation, especially in the area between your eyes, called glabella *

Where can Dysport® be injected?

Dysport injections are safe and effective when administered by an expert like Dr. Avaliani.
Common areas of treatments include:
Horizontal lines on forehead *
Lines between eye brows aka 11 lines (Glabella)*
Lines around eyes (Lateral Canthal lines)*
Bunny lines (wrinkles on your nose)*
Smoker’s lines- vertical lines on the upper lip*
Wide jaw-slimming down the jaw line*
Neck bands- Platysma neck cords*
Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating*
Gummy smile *
Migraine headache*
Chin wrinkles*
Liquid eye lift*
Brow Lift*

Who can get Dysport®?

Adults 18 years and older are candidates for treatment. There is no right age to start treatment, but Dysport treatment is considered curative and preventative . When you start seeing faint lines on your face, you should consider this treatment to avoid those lines getting deeper and more prominent.

What are absolute contraindications to receiving Dysport® treatment?

If you have pre-existing neuromuscular disorders such as (Myasthenia gravis, Lambert-Eaton Syndrome, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) should not be injected. If you also have pre existing swallowing or breathing problems, you should be advised against Dysport treatment. Patients with evidence of active infection or inflammation at the site of potential treatment area, should not be injected until inflammation or infection completely resolves. Dr. Avaliani will perform a detailed history intake and physical exam to determine if Dysport is the right treatment for you.

How do I know if I need Dysport®?

The best answer to this questions is: If you are bothered by the wrinkle lines on your face and want them removed, then you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Avaliani to determine if Dysport will work for you.

How long is the treatment?

The treatment with Dysport usually takes 5-15 minutes to complete, depending on the area being treated.

Can I have bruising after Dysport® treatment?

Dr. Avaliani pioneered a special technique and with the help of AccuVein, there is almost a 99% guarantee that there will be no more embarrassing bruising. At any time, during each injection point, there is a 50/50 change of hitting a small vessel that will develop into a bruise, with the help of Accuvein laser, Dr. Avaliani directly visualizes small and large blood vessels under skin and avoids injuring them, which means no more bruising and very happy patients.

Is there any downtime after my treatment?

There is absolutely no downtime and virtually all people return to their regular duties immediately.

How long will the effect last?*

Dr. Avaliani adheres strictly to the rules and regulations of the manufacturer to ensure that the product will provide the advertised longevity period. Typical duration of Dysport treatment depends on the area and the dose injected. For the most commonly injected areas on the face, the average duration is 3-4 months.*

*To learn more about Dysport, visit: https://www.dysportusa.com/what-is-dysport


What are the most common adverse effects associated after Dysport® injections?

After your treatment, you might experience and see very mild swelling, redness and tenderness where the product was injected. Rarely with Dr. Avaliani will you develop any bruising.

Dr. Avaliani is a proud provider of ASPIRE Gladerma Rewards for her client family.


*Results and duration of effect may vary, no guaranty of specific results can be given. Degree of side effects may vary, for full disclosure please read consent for the procedure before your treatment.