Does EMsella treatment really work?  How much does EMsella treatment costs? How to increase Sexual performance and experiencenaturally?

Tone. Tighten. Strengthen your pelvic core muscles

Silent issue no More.  It’s time to regain your quality of life back for both men and women!

No more under pads or adult diapers or worrying about potential accidents of leaked urine in public spaces, with friends or even during intimate moments with your partner.

Women are more prone to stress incontinence. Some of the reasons can simply be due to an aging process, menopause, stress, and childbirth all potentially lead to development of a weakened bladder and reduced tone of the pelvic floor muscles.

EMsella can also help with rectal incontinence and anal sphincter tone improvement as you regain control of your pelvic core muscles and learn how to control them. Regaining control of your life has never been easier

INTRODUCING The NEW generation of Kegel Exercises. You can work out without a sweat, while sitting on a chair and watching TV and just gaining results and your intimacy back.

Dr.Avaliani offers full array of services inher state of the art laser EM-Suite where we offer EMsella, EMsculpt, EMsculpt 2.0 NEO and EMtone

Over 200 million people, both men and women are affected but they all remain silent because of stigma, embarrassment or discomfort to discuss this with their provider

Men are also equally affected and are prone to develop stress incontinence due to many urinary bladder infections, prostate cancers and/or treatments for it, simple aging process. This leads to weakened pelvic floor muscles, premature ejaculation, urinary incontinence and inability to sexually perform or feel confident.

What exactly is urinary stress incontinence?

USI or Urinary Stress Incontinence is defined as involuntary loss of urine during an activity. This may be as simple as coughing, laughing, sneezing, jumping, running or past jogging. It may happen during sexual intercourse or during a simple task such as bending over or lifting something off the floor.

What causes urinary stress incontinence?

It occurs when the muscles that control and support urinary bladder and pelvic floor weaken due due multiple factors discussed above.

Does EMSella treatment really work?

It continues to have over 95% patient satisfaction rating without the need for any surgery or daily medication intake. It is truly a huge advancement in pelvic floor therapy

How does EMsella treatment feel?

It feels like gentle vibrations or contractions

How long does EMsella treatment take?

It’s a simple 30 minute treatment session while you are sitting on a chair and watching TV. No electronic devices are allowed to be held as not to interfere with the treatment

How many treatments of EMsella does it take before feeling or seeing any results?

Patient shave reported improvement as early as after a single treatment. 

How many sessions of EMsella does one need?

The standard treatment protocol is a series of 6 sessions performed over 3 weeks, so its twice a week 30 minute sessions for 3 weeks.

How often do I need to maintain EMsella result?

For best results possible, maintenance every 3-6 months is advisable.

Are EMsella results permanent?

They are semi permanent.  They involve muscles. This treatment helps you regain control of your pelvic floor muscles, it may teach you how to continue pelvic floor exercises at home or you can just maintain the results with a little boost every 3-6 months.

How much does EMsella treatment cost?

The cost of Emsella treatment varies by geographical location and the protocol used.

The average cost starts between $250-400 per session.

What are the most common side effects after EMsella treatment?

There are no side effects. You may experience temporary soreness of the area but that’s about it.

What to expect during your EMsella treatment?

You simply sit on a chair and you feel vibrations in your perineal area aka between your legs, which involuntarily promote you to contract your muscles just as you would do during a kegelexercise but just way better and with more control and muscle recruitment possible due to HIFEM technology.

How does EMsella help with stress incontinence for men?

Yes, men get stress incontinence as well and they need to work on their pelvic floor muscles.

EMsella can help regain your intimate health. EMsella works by activating and stimulating the muscles of the pelvic floor, allowing you to regain control of them and not to have any embarrassing accidents. Just 30 minutes of sitting on a treatment throne will make you perform about 11000 kegel exercises.

How does EMsella help for stress incontinence with women?

EMsella allows women to regain control of their pelvic floor muscles by stimulating and activating the pelvic floor muscles.  Once muscles are strong and responsive, it is much easier to control them to prevent any unforeseeable and embarrassing accidents.

Kegel exercises can be hard and uncomfortable to perform, but now you can do them while just sitting on a chair and feeling slight vibrations.

Can EMsella help with Rectal incontinence?

Yes, as your pelvic floor muscles get stronger the ability to control your sphincter muscles improves and hence your discomfort decreases, and you slowly regain control of your life back.

Simply forget about accidents and enjoy life and activities again.

Can EMsella treatments help with Premature ejaculation?

Men have reported an increased sexual satisfaction score with ab increased control of their pelvic core muscles, which allows better sexual experience and happier patient and their partner.

Can EMsella treatment help with Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Men have reported an improvement in their ED (Erectile Dysfunction) symptoms following their treatment.

What contraindications are there to receive EMsella Treatment?

This treatment is performed while you are sitting on a chair, so naturally the initial contraindication would be an Inability to sit for a 30 minute treatment duration. Some other contraindications to receiving Emsella treatment are listed below

  • You cannot receive Emsella treatment if you have metal hardware in your spine, particularly  lower back
  • You cannot receive Emsella treatment if you have a history of Hip replacement
  • You cannot receive Emsella treatment if you have Cardiac pacemaker
  • You cannot receive Emsella treatment if you have a Penile Implant
  • You cannot receive Emsella treatment if you have pain pump
  • You cannot receive Emsella treatment if you have history of active seizures
  • You cannot receive Emsella treatment if you have had recent pelvic floor surgery (< 3 months)

How to prepare for your EMsella treatment?

  • It’s a 30 minute session duration
  • Patients are asked to empty their bladders prior to treatment.
  • Remove any metal devices from the body
  • Remove any metal clothing accessories such as belts
  • Remove private body piercings such as clitoral rings, penile rings, etc
  • Wear comfortable clothes or be prepared to change into provided gowns
  • Remove your watch
  • Remove your phone
  • Sit. Relax and Enjoy your exercise J

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