PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a natural body filler

It’s a miracle product that contains stem cells and growth factors designated to restore and rejuvenate tissues. What is even more amazing is that it’s 100% natural and carries no side effects of an allergic reaction or contamination.
Dr. Avaliani is an expert physician who has done a lot of scientific research to develop a unique protocol to achieve the highest PRP concentration possible. She will gladly provide scientific data if desired during your consultation. Dr. Avaliani does not believe in a commercial use of PRP kits that are used by many other physicians, but rather believes in fundamental understanding of human biology and science and its application to deliver outstanding cosmetic results for her clients.*

What is Vampire Facial?

It’s a combination treatment of PRP and microneedling technique. Microneedling creates small pores in the skin surface to allow PRP to penetrate deeper into the skin layer and activate the tissues.

Is PRP new?

No, PRP has been on the market for the past 10 years and was first introduced in the filed of dentistry and orthopedic surgery. After many years of proven results in tissue, muscle and bone remodeling, it has been introduced to cosmetic surgery field with phenomenal results.
It is a miracle worker but it requires a n experienced physician to know how to handle the product.*

How does it work?

Platelets are a natural source of growth factors which act as stem cells when introduced in the surrounding tissues. They work by stimulating new collagen formation, tightening skin, minimizing wrinkles, decreases appearance of scars, and even restore male and female hair loss.*

What can PRP treat?

Acne scars*
Surgical scars*
Stretch marks*
Smile lines*
Lip lines*
Hair loss*
Hair thinning*
Around eye wrinkles*
Skin discoloration*
Loose skin*
Under eye circles*

Does PRP treatment hurt?

No, there is virtually no pain, except maybe a small discomfort from blood drawing procedure.

What can I expect during my PRP treatment?

Dr. Avaliani will draw blood from your vein and start processing it to make PRP concentrate.
While the blood is being prepared, she will prepare the area to be treated by applying topical numbing cream or injecting numbing medication. Once the PRP is ready, it is first injected and then activated with microneedling treatment.

How long does PRP treatment take?

The treatment takes about 1 hour. It usually requires about 30 min for numbing to take effect and PRP to be prepared. The other 30 min are designated for injection and microneedling treatment.

How many sessions do I need?

It has been shown that at least 3 sessions are required to achieve the long sustaining results.
Facial Treatments can be spaced 2-4 weeks apart, but Hair restoration treatments are spaced 4 weeks apart.*

When will I notice results after PRP treatment?

Most patients start seeing results few days after the first treatment.*

What is the down time after the PRP treatment?

There is usually no downtime after the procedure. There might be initial redness and swelling, but is is transient and resolves the same evening.

Will I have bruising after PRP treatment?

There is virtually no bruising associated with your treatment as Dr. Avaliani uses Accuvein technology to directly visualize blood vessels during her injections.

What are adverse effects after PRP treatment?

None!. Most commonly reported side effects were transient redness, puffiness and soreness.

*Results and duration of effect may vary, no guarantee of specific results can be given.