Acne redness and acne scar removal treatment in NYC

Laser Genesis treatment for acne scars in NYC

Acne is a very common skin condition affecting millions of people of both sexes and can different ages. It can range from mild to very severe, resulting in embarrassing pimples and/or scars, which greatly diminish one’s self esteem. Laser Genesis is the latest scientific breakthrough technology designed to diminish fine line and wrinkles, eliminate redness and small veins, stimulate new collagen growth and promote healthy and glowing skin.

How does Laser treat acne?

Laser energy is non invasive and delivers low and precise energy to tiny vessels responsible for redness and inflammation. Once laser removes these tiny vessels, inflammation and redness are improved*

Does Laser acne treatment hurt?

It is a fairly painless and comfortable procedure. One may occasionally feel slightly burning or stinging sensations, which are very temporary.

How many laser treatments for acne will I need to see results?

The answer depends on the severity of the acne you have and the clinical response that will be seen after your first treatment sessions. Some people may be satisfied with just one session, while most people will require 3-6 treatments to achieve optimal resolution*

How do I know if Laser can help my acne?

It is very important to find an experienced physician who can carefully evaluate the cause of your acne and review all the treatments that have been tried before.
Laser treatment is very safe and can be used on many skin types as long as it is in the hands of a professional.

How does Laser Genesis help acne scarring?

Laser Genesis non invasive technology removes redness and inflammation and stimulates new collagen formation, which then replaces and fills the area where scars were before.

What does Laser Genesis do?

Treats redness and inflammation*
Fades acne scarring*
Stimulates new collagen production*
Reduces fine lines appearance*
Promotes glowing and healthy skin*

What are the possible side effects after Laser Genesis treatment?

Temporary redness, inflammation and swelling may occur, which can resemble a slight sun tan. Occasionally when a tiny vein bursts during treatment, bruises can develop as well. Complete information will be discussed in detail during your consultation visit with Dr. Avaliani.

*Results and duration of effect may vary, no guarantee of specific results can be given.