EMFACE™ Near me in NYC. It’s the Neo of the Face to Tone and Tighten the face without surgery and downtime.

Posted on 14 January, 2022

New Revolutionary Facial Toning treatment is arriving in 2022.

What is EMFACE™?

It’s a proven and pattented technology of HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electomagnetic muscle building technology ) and RF ( radio frequency)

It is the Neo of the Face. It will do the same to the face what EmSculpt Neo does to the body.

Where can I get EMFACE™in NYC?

The exact release date of EMFACE™ is not available yet but it is to arrive in 2022. Dr.Avaliani is very excited to add EMFACE™ to her family of lasers by BTL

Emsculpt NeoEmsculptEMsella, EMtone

What is the difference between EMFACE™ and Emsculpt Neo™?

They both combine the power of radiofrequency and HIFEM technology to melt fat and tone and tighten.

EMFACE™ is for the face and Emsculpt Neo™ is for the body.

What is the difference between EMFACE™ and EmSculpt™ ?

 The difference is in the typeof energy used. EMFACE is combimation of RF and HIFEM designed for the face and EmSculpt is simply an original, stand out HIFEM technology 

Does EMFACE™ treatment really work?

This is the first of it’s kind technology to be utilized for facial aesthetics. The company applied proven and tested technology which revolutionalized the body contouring market and designed a device to assist the facial aging as well.  What is not to love when you can melt fat to slim the face and tone the skin. The excitement is very real.

Dr. Avaliani is excited to offer EMFACE™ treatment in NYC and will be one of the first laser centers in NYC to offer this treatment to her patients because she is “The laser Queen of Park Avenue” and only works with the best and the latest groundbreaking technology.

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