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Treatment starts from $600

Workout smarter, not harder

and how it works

EMSCULPT NEO has applicators that emit 2 energies at the same time: synchronized RF for fat reduction and HIFEM+ for muscle toning. RF heats up your muscles. The temperature quickly raises by several degrees. This process is similar to a warm-up before HIFEM+ intensely stimulates the muscles.

The results? More fat reduction and muscle growth than with any single gold-standard product; in less time, non-invasively. On average, clinical studies showed a 30% reduction in fat and a muscle increase of 25%.*

Seeing is believing

Click on the desired body area to view EMSCULPT NEO results.



* Individual Results Vary



* Individual Results Vary



* Individual Results Vary



* Individual Results Vary



* Individual Results Vary



* Individual Results Vary

Workout smarter, not harder

Excessive fat means you cannot be as athletic and flexible as you would like to be. For that reason, working out puts much more strain on muscles and more force is required. Find your cheatcode with EMSCULPT NEO and speed up your journey to your dream body!


How does EMSCULPT NEO work?

EMSCULPT NEO is a completely non-invasive body-shaping treatment which does not require surgery, needles or anesthesia.

It is based on an applicator simultaneously emitting synchronized RF and HIFEM+ energies.


The muscle temperature raises by several degrees, similar to what a warm-up activity does before any workout.


Muscles in the treated area are intensely contracted.


Shortly after therapy starts the temperature in fat cells reaches levels that cause their permanent damage.


The fat cells are slowly removed from the body and the strained muscle fibers initiate a growth process. This results in fat elimination and muscle building.

Key benefits

Combination of synchronized RF and HIFEM+ causes dual effect in the tissues

 Thanks to the 3 different types of applicators EMSCULPT NEO can treat most problematic body parts

What our clients are saying?

Dr.A took her time during my consultation and answered all of my questions. I did not feel rushed or pressured and felt very very comfortable . I am super pleased with my results. Thank you

M.N. February 13, 2016

I have never met more caring and personable physician than Dr. Avaliani. She really knows her stuff, explains it very well, and delivers phenomenal results. Highly recommend. Thank you very much. So glad I found her.

K.S. February 13, 2016

Dr.Anna is incredible! She makes getting Botox fun and does not oversell you anything. I love my results and so happy that after many years of trying different doctors, I found a true expert that I love, trust and will follow anywhere.

Lisa G. July 10, 2016

It's hard to trust your face to someone, but as soon as I met Dr.Anna, I immediately felt comfortable and knew I was in the right hands. She was very kind, very informative and not pushy at all. She even discouraged me from doing extra procedures.

Jamison M. July 10, 2016

I finally found a doctor that I love. Dr. Avaliani took her time during my consultation and answered all of my questions. I came in because I hated lines on my forehead and wanted to get a rid of lines on my lips. I was looking for natural results and did not want to look fake. Dr.A perfected that look for me!.

Laura K. July 10, 2016

She saved my life after a “botched lip job”. She is amazing. I was back to normal the next day. Could not be happier.

Nicole K. July 10, 2016

Friendly staff and doctor- beautiful office. Would definitely recommend this office

Bushra Helmandi March 23, 2017

I went to see Dr. Avaliani for Botox. I bought a voucher through Gilt City and was treated with the greatest care. Sometimes I find some of these places treat you slightly differently when they know you're coming with a voucher but not at Dr. Avaliani's office. The staff were sweet and courteous. I was greeted pleasantly and immediately upon arrival. I was seen within 10 minutes of arrival and had a great experience. Dr. Avaliani has the best bedside manner and did an amazing job with my Botox injections for my crow's feet. They completely disappeared within 2-3 weeks! And my face didn't look frozen or asymmetric. I've been looking for someone to go to regularly for Botox and other simple cosmetic procedures, using Gilt vouchers to find the right doctor, and I think I've found one: Dr. Avaliani. I will definitely be seeing her regularly from now on.

Ames Y March 23, 2017

I trust Anna Avaliani MD with my face 100%. She knows exactly the type of procedure needed to correct your concerns. She will even turn down business if she feels it won't work.

I struggle with melasma and have seen her only three times using pico laser and it's gone.

Carissa Rossi March 23, 2017

Love this place, it's clean, the staff are professional and their equipment is too notch. I have barely seen any hair re-growth and I've only had two sessions. Highly recommend!

Yousef Walied March 23, 2017

Dr. Anna Avaliani's office is warm and welcoming just like her; it is a relaxing, patient-centered environment. Her excellent treatment is supported by her gentleness and professionalism. When you leave her office, you feel like you have received the best of care.

Betty Perez-Cutie March 23, 2017

Anna is wonderful, caring, and really down to earth. She made me feel super comfortable as a first timer who gets nervous about literally everything...I wasn't nervous! Even the woman at the front desk (I believe her name is Alex) is amazing. The office and waiting room are lovely and very clean. I can't imagine going to anyone else. you are paying for much more than just a procedure. Would highly recommend.

chrissy makris March 23, 2017

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EMSCULPT NEO frequently asked questions

The new favorite and best kept secretof models, athletes, professional fitness trainers and the best kept celebrity secret of Carmen Electra, Drew Barrymore, Jenny McCarthy, and many more

* Individual Results Vary

It’s a ground breaking revolutionary technology which is combining muscle toning energy called HIFEM and fat burning in one treatment. The best part it can also cause skin tightening since it is using the RF (radio frequency technology)

It is the latest technological addition to the body sculpting devices.

Same company makes the laser, they just added a huge boost of technology to help certain individuals achieve even better technology all in one treatment session because they value your time.

They literally combined two technologies which were impossible to pair and patented its unique design and technology to deliver EMSculpt Neo.

  EMSculpt NEO EMSculpt
Technology HIFEM + RF HIFEM
What can it do Build & tone muscle 

Burn Fat

Tighten Skin

Build & Tone Muscle
What does it treat Muscle + Fat + Skin Muscle
How long is the treatment 30 minutes 30 minutes
Which areas can be treated Abs, butt, thigh Abs, butt, thigh, arms, calves
How many sessions 4 minimum 4 minimum
Treats diastasis recti? Yes, up to 19% reduction Yes, up to 19 % reduction
How are sessions spaced 1x week 2x a week
Contactless or not Needs to be on the skin to make contact Can be on the skin or over clothes
Discomfort None None
Recovery Absolutely none Absolutely none
How often should one get it Between 1-3 months, variable 1-3 months, variable
Contraindications to tx Hernias, metal hardware, tattoos in the treatment zone Hernia, recent surgery, metal hardware
Are results permanent? Fat melting yes, muscle and skin need a boost about every 3 months Muscles need stimulation. If you don’t use it, you loose it, hence 3 months maintenance
BMI requirement Up to BMI of 35 Up to BMI of 30

* Individual Results Vary

The cost is expected to be different and higher than EMSculpt as this technology is achieving a trifecta of non surgical body contouring.

The average cost of EMSCulpt Neo treatment in NYC varies between $600-$1500 .

It treats muscle AND fat AND skin.  This is a totally different laser and should not be confused with EMSculpt because they are different, require different patient selection and give different results.

The average cost depends on the area to be treated, the number of applicators used, the number of session to be used and whether you need just EMSCulpt or EMSCulpt Neo.

EMSculpt Neo Cooltone
What exactly is inside? HIFEM + RF MMS
How does it feel? Gentle warming and contractions Gentle variable in intensity contractions
How long is each treatment 30 minutes 30 minutes
How many treatments does one need About 4 is minimum About 4 sessions for treatment area
What does It treat Muscle, Fat , Skin Muscle only
Treats muscle wall separation Yes, up to 19 % reduction No

Table 1 Difference between EMSculpt Neo and EMSculpt 

What is the best technology for fat destruction? 

How to choose the best device for fat removal? The simple answer is find a real body contouring expert like Dr.Avaliani, who literally has all the devices in her state of the art practice and she will guide you and help you decide which device or even a combination of devices, will give you a best possible result. 

(SculpSure, n.d.) EMSculpt NEO CoolSculpting SculpSure
What does it treat Muscle, Fat & Skin Fat Fat + Skin
How long is the treatment 30 minutes 35 minutes , 45 minutes or 75 minutes ( depends on applicator type) 25 minutes
Fat reduction clain Up to 30%  Up to 25% Up to 24%
BMI Up to 35 Up to 30 Up to 30
Downtime None None None
Can treat multiple areas in one visit Yes Yes Yes
Areas that can be treated Abdomen, thighs Almost entire body Almost entire body

Table 2EMSculpt NEO vs CoolTone vs SculpSure

The answer yes.  It’s a one of a kind laser which can achieve a trifecta of results on working and targeting muscle, fat and skin all in 30 minute sessiona d having zero recovery or marks on the body!

Please see some of the before and after photos of the EMSculptNeo . The EMSculpt Neo results are amazing!

* Individual Results Vary

Please wear comfortable clothing or you will be provided with a change in clothes. The skin must be cleaned and the applicator must be flat directly on the skin. Unlike EMSculpt, the applicators cannot be placed over your clothes. If you have abdominal or nipple piercing or private part piercings, please remove them prior to your treatment. They may get hot from the heat generated during the procedure and then possibly cause burns in the areas where the piercings are.

Remove your watch and belt and any electronic device from your body like your phone to avoid any of them overheating and/or malfunctioning.

You can keep your earring, necklace and bracelets on but are free to remove them if you wish.

You will fell gentle warming sensation over thenfirst 3-4 minutes and then, you will just be distracted with contractions on your abdomen and most likely will no longer even feel any heat, it will simply feel like hot stone massage.

There is absolutely no marks on the skin after the procedure.  One may see some redness where the heat was produced, but it will go away in about 1 hour. Mild tenderness or soreness may be present but that’s it.  No recovery. No Pain. No downtime. No restrictions.

* Individual Results Vary

* Individual Results Vary

EMSculpt NEO and EMSulpt are not the same laser and do not do the same thing.

If you were a candidate for EMsculpt and have had the treatment done, it does not automatically mean you are a candidate for EMSculpt Neo.  It is highly advisable and strongly recommended to have another expert consultation to determine whether you are a candidate for EMSculpt Neo treatment. 

The answer is immediately after if you wish.  Some people workput before EMSCulpt Neo treatment, some prefer to workout after their treatment and some use their treatment day as a cheat day. 

If you can easily remove the pump from your body for the duration of the treatment, which is 30 minutes, then you should be able to receive this treatment.  The only way to be certain, is to have a proper discussion and a physical exam by Dr.Avaliani before the treatment can be administered. 

While this was not studied in clinical trials conducted, this topic can be discussed with Dr.Avaliani during your consultation. Having an IUD, whether hormonal or copper, is not considered a contraindication but rather a precaution. HIFEM technology does not penetrate deep enough to be able to affect internal organs such as uterus. 

Yes, it is safe to get EMSculpt Neo treatment when you have dental implants

It’s a great question but a simple answer is that it depends on each individual, the type of hardware was used for them and whether their orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon has approved them for it.  It needs to have a careful examination and in person consultation.

It’s not a simple yes or no answer but rather it depends.  You should discuss it with your spine surgeon this treatment. If you were able to get MRI on your back then this should not be an issue as the MRI magnet is much stronger that HIFEM magnet part of EMSculpt Neo

* Individual Results Vary

The temperature is being always monitored inside the applicator and it also features auto shut off when the temperature reaches over 44 degrees Celcius .  The average effective temperature for lipolysis or destruction of fat cells is between 42-44 degrees of Celcius

It feels like a good and intense workout with gentle warming sensation without breaking a sweat, just in the treatment area!

The most common side effects are tenderness and soreness in the treatment area. Immediately after, the skin might feel wet, but that’s about it.  Literally no signs of anything being done

Absolutely not.  It has not been studied and Dr.Avaliani does not feel comfortable or ethical to perform this treatment even when it’s another area besides abdomen. 

There is not one solid consensus on this topic but Dr.Avaliani feels comfortable recommending EMSculpt Neo treatment to her breast feeding patients. The details of thids can be discussed at the time of your in person consultation 

It is always best to consult with your surgeon before doing any treatments in the area where surgery was.

It’s impossible to cover all areas and surgeries, but if you are interested in treating the abdominal area and recently had a hernia repair surgery or tummy tuck or appendectomy or c section, it is best to wait 3-6 months after surgery to get this treatment done.

Not only does it help to return abdominal muscles back to flat position, it was proven to  reduce it by 19% non surgically.  It’s a total game changer for women who need to gain their body back and is a vital part of a non surgical mommy makeover.

Results of EMSculpt Neo on Diastasis Recti in women shown below

* Individual Results Vary

If you had liposuction and have irregularities and/or missed areas of fat in the abdomen, you can get this treatment done after about 2-4 weeks after your procedure. 

Yes, women should wait about 3 months after having a baby before starting this treatment unless they were cleared by their ob/gyn earlier. It takes a couple of months after baby delivery for the uterus to return to normal size. It’s not a strict guideline but rather an advisable recommendation. Every patient heals differently.

It is advisable to wait about 3 months after your surgery to allow uterus to return to normal size before receiving EMSculpt treatment.  While HIFEM technology does not affect internal muscles like uterus, it’s a safe precaution based purely on physiological science to wait about 3 months to avoid any unnecessary if any uterine stimulation. Yes you can get EMSculpt Neo after having a C-section but it should not be applied directly over your scar as it may cause a blister. 

If you have a tattoo in the area where the applicator will be applied, then you are not a candidate for EMSculpt Neo treatment.  Radio frequency part of the applicator may cause blistering of the skin as tattooing process involves micro scarring of the skin in order for the ink to be delivered under skin.

Dr.Avaliani will gladly suggest an offer other alternative treatments to help you achieve your desired result

emsculpt neo nyc

* Individual Results Vary

It was tested and studied on skin types 1-3, special caution should be taken when considering or treating patient of Asian, South East Asian, Hispanic, Latino, Caribbean, African and African American skin.  This should be carefully discussed at the time of the consultation with your treating doctor and never an aesthetician or technician. 

It can also be determined at the time of your expert consultation with Dr.Avaliani.  Dr.Avaliani is a leading world expert of non invasive body contouring technology and holds a prestigious title of a Body Contouring Expert by Haute Beauty. Her state of the art office has all the best technology to help her patients achieve the best possible results. To see Dr.Avaliani for your expert consultation, please call or text 212-673-8888 to set up your visit in person or virtually

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