Got Cellulite? EM Revolution is happening now. EmTone and EmSculpt creating an EM Buzz

Posted on 26 July, 2019

Written by Dr.Anna Avaliani MD

EMtone is the latest addition to the body contouring world by BTL company. The same company that introduced EmSculpt and Emsella.

“EM” means electromagnetic, focused and very powerful and, at the same time, super safe. EmTone could mean a 4D Body Contouring approach since the modern technology allows now to target Muscle, Fat, Inside Skin and Outside Skin.

What is EMtone and what does it do for cellulite?
In medical terms is implies the following: EM extracorporeal shock waves affect the biological tissues leading to restructuring and reorganization if the skin structures under the skin where the fat and the fat bands are, resulting in a tighter compartment and clinically visible improvement of the tissue.

There is not one single best modality out there to treat cellulite, the type and grade of cellulite needs to be determined first and the proper treatment recommended. It is one of the hardest things to treat but there is hope. It all depends on finding the right provider with the right expertise and knowledge as well as the proper equipment.

Dr. Avaliani’s office is a true state of the art laser facility that offers a full spectrum of non invasive laser technology to address and target any and all concerns that may be bothersome to you. Dr.Avaliani has 22 lasers and more to come, and that’s why she earns the title of #LaserQueenofParkAvenue

The 4D of Body Contouring in the nutshell offered by Dr.Avaliani:

For Muscle we offer Emsculpt HIFEM technology and CoolTone. For EmSculpt we proudly offer body and arm applicators as well.

For Fat, We have the best technology from both worlds. CoolSculpting and WarmSculpting ( SculpSure) are the premier center for CoolSculpting offering DualSculpting experience with the latest protocols and applicators WarmSculpting aka SculpSure, Dr.Avaliani is the World Leader and SculpSure #1 Provider for 2017 and 2018 . We proudly offer 3 SculpSure Machines, The only center in the world to do so.

For Cellulite: We offer TempSure treatments to help improve the appearance of the skin as well as EmSculpt and Sculpsure

For Skin laxity, we have Genius RF, Ultherapy , TempSure and even an injection of Sculptra are simply a few treatment we can offer!

How many treatment does EmTone need?
Typically six to eight treatments once or twice a week have been studied. The optimal number depends on the starting point of the skin and the desired result. Consultation is a must as it varies for everybody.

Does EmTone treatment hurt?
Abdolutely no. There is no pain, discomfort or downtime. Feels like a massage

Is there any downtime after EmTone?
None. One can instantly resume their daily activities. No need to skip the gym!

When does EmTone become available?
More news to come in August 2019!

How do I know if EmTone is right for me?
We would love to help you schedule your expert consultation with Dr.Avaliani to design the best treatment for your body and to address all your goals.

EmTone NYC and EmSculpt NYC are awaiting

Please call the office at 212-673-8888 to schedule your expert consultation today.

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