How To Accomplish A Bridal Glow With These Pre-Wedding Skin Treatments

Posted on 17 February, 2022

Dr. Anna Avaliani’s office is a state of the art laser facility that creates the best bespoke treatments for each patient using the latest, the absolute best gold standard technology for her patients. The office has over 3 million of laser technology for the full face and full body rejuvenation all carefully planned, crafted and performed by Dr. Avaliani.

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Did someone put a ring on it? Are you experiencing pre-wedding stress resulting in hormonal acne? No worries, Dr. Avaliani is here to ease all your skin worries and more. The key is to start early! How early, well, the ideal time is around 6 months before the big day. The treatments you need all depend on your dress type as some reveal more skin and hugging and others are looser and show less skin. Regardless, it is important to know your options. Here is a menu of all treatments you can choose from by skin concern:

Skin Texture

For perfect and smooth skin the best and only laser is PicoSure Focus. It takes 15 minutes, no downtime and it considered the “Rolls Royce of skin rejuvenation” and to add, Dr.Avaliani is a Pico Queen!

For a little more downtime, Dr Avaliani offer a 1540 Icon Fractional laser, which will give 2-3 days of redness, dry and flaky skin and reveal smoother and more even complexion after about a series of 3-4 sessions, which are performed 1 month apart.

Skin Discoloration

The best treatment can only be determined at the time of an expert in person consultation. All lasers are not created equal and not all lasers can be safely performed on all skin types. Skin Types of Asian, Hispanic and African American patients must be treated with exceptional care not to have the skin burned by a wrong laser or wrong settings. Always trust an expert.

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Brown Spots & Sun Spots

IPL/Photofacial: This is a quick 10-15 minutes session with minimal to no downtime ideal for patients with skin types I-III. It can’t be performed too close to the eyes if you have sun spots there. It’s a great treatment to target spots and only spots.

PicoSure Focus: The total face rejuvenation treatment with almost no downtime and the best laser for skin texture improvement as well as discoloration. It can safely be performed on darker skin types and even around eyes.

Redness & Capillaries

Photofacial: A quick 15 minute treatment to make your skin look photo ready as it targets sun spots and redness. Great for people suffering from rosacea. Minimal to no downtime, just a little redness post treatment.

Nd:YAG: A totally painless laser facial designed to target diffuse redness of the face with absolutely no downtime.

Skin Tightening

Tempsure Envi: Designed for your fat. This is the world’s first full body skin tightening system designed for your face and body to combat wrinkles, rhytids, cellulite and even vaginal rejuvenation. There is no downtime.

Tempsure Firm: The gold standard skin firming treatment. It is to tighten, improve and reduce appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and sagginess or creepiness. FDA cleared, this device is super quick, effective, painless and has no downtime!

PDO (Sugar Threads)The facelift without the knife! In about 30 minutes, your face will look instantly better. For a few days you’ll feel soreness and see swelling, after that – it’s all a breeze. 

UltherapyA non invasive ultrasound based device that delivers precise heat energy to deeper layers of the skin where new collagen is formed. No downtime. 

RF Microneedling (Genius RF): Genius RF is a newer, better, safer, more comfortable upgrade to its predecessor of the best RF microneedling device called Infini. It is FDA cleared for treatment of deep facial wrinkles and rhytids. You will experience 3 days of redness and a little peeling of the skin following the treatment.

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Appearance Boosters

The miracles of Botox/Dysport treatments include:

  • Beautiful brow lift for bigger eyes
  • elimination of crows feet when smiling
  • treating bunny lines aka lines on the nose
  • treating gummy smile
  • botox lip flip or slimming the face by injection of botox/dysport into the jawline
  • Another extra bonus is Botox for underarm sweating is a must!

A little filler contouring. The options are infinite and in person consultation is always recommended.

  • Under eyes filler to remove the tired look and to look refreshed
  • Cheek filers to look contoured and rested always and without a ton of make up. No alien look ever!
  • Lip plumpers will add a little plumping for more kissable and fuller lips.
  • Non-surgical Nose job to hide a little bump or to lift the tip of the nose when smiling
  • Non-surgical Chin/Jawline filler can contour the face and make the face look slimmer/longer more defined instantly.

Dr. Avaliani is a national GAIN trainer and a master injector and is deamed an artist by her patients and her peer colleagues for her aesthetic vision and injection expertise. She doesn’t believe is an overdone look and is known to make people look refreshed and no one would ever guess why.

Dr. Avaliani and her team always care and stive to deliver the most comfortable and easy procedure experience and offers relaxing nitrous oxide Pronox aka (laughing gas) for injectable and laser treatments when requested or needed for the procedure comfort and to lessen any anxiety.

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