Introducing the newest BTL addition to the EMsculpt Neo Family: NEO EDGE Applicators. Best place in NYC for all things EMSculpt

Posted on 28 March, 2022

EMSculpt NEO new EDGE applicators are designed to contour the love handles and for posterior back fat and bra fat.

Dr.Avaliani is excited to add a 5th set of applicators for her EMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo devices.  As a state of the art laser center, Dr.Avaliani prides on being able to offer her patients “FULL Package” when it comes to non invasive body contouring technology. Adding EmSculpt NEO EDGE applicators wasn’t even a difficult decision because she must and always does have IT ALL!

How are EMSculpt NEO EDGE applicators different from NEO small applicators?

The new sleek design allows for a better contour of the curvy areas of the body such as love handles and back and possibly inner thighs.

What areas can EMSculpt NEO EDGE applicators treat?

The new applicator design fits perfectly around curvy areas such as back, sides (love handles) and inner and outer thighs.

How long is the treatment with EMSculpt NEO EDGE applicators?

The treatment is the same 30 minutes

How many treatments do I need with EMSculpt NEO EDGE?

It typically consists of 4, 30 minute sessions scheduled one week apart.

Do EMSCULPT NEO EDGE applicators hurt?

Absolutely not. There is never any paid simply slight tightness or even warmth feeling, but that’s it.

How much is the EMSculpt NEO EDGE treatment?

The cost is the same as with EMSculpt ,which starts at $600 per session.

Who cannot receive treatment with EMSculpt NEO EDGE?

The contraindications of receiving this treatment over the desired areas is either presence of a scar, a tattoo or close proximity to an insulin pump, pain pump or nerve stimulator or having a spinal fusion surgery. One must be carefully examined during a physical exam to determine in you are a candidate for this treatment. If you had EMSculpt treatment done before, it does not automatically guarantee your qualification for EMSculpt NEO EDGE. 

Who is a great candidate for EMSculpt NEO EDGE treatment?

This can only be accurately determined at the time of your in person consultation with Dr.Avaliani.

Can EMSculpt NEO EDGE help with back pain?

Absolutely, by tightening the lower back muscles when treating love handles, many patients should experience as significant improvement in their posture and definitely  their core and back pain.  EMSculpt NEO EDGE can definitely offer the best non surgical solution to tighten the core without any downtime or pain.

Dr.Avaliani’s state of the art office offers all and everything for her patients to achieve only the best results using lasers as tools. All treatments are always accompanied by an expert in person consultation in order to ensure safety and efficacy of each patient.

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