It’s all about the EYES !!!!! Non Surgical Fox EYE and Brow Lift NYC Expert

Posted on 3 June, 2020

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What do Bella Hadid’s eyes, PonyTail Lift, Snatched Eyebrows, Almond eye shape and Cat Eye look have in common?  The simple answer is they all mean the same thing to different people but one common denominator is to achieve Open and Sexy eyes.

The latest most requested procedure or result has been to achieve an open eye look .  Make the eye brow higher, make the eye look bigger and more open and look like Bella Hadid eyes

No more droopy eyelid and sad looking eyebrows. It is now possible completely non surgically with zero recovery

With an ever popular Hadid Sisters, Bella and Gigi, these two ladies have created a high demand for a contoured facial features such as “Cat eyes” or snatched eyes, defined and contoured cheek bones and very well defined jawline.

Eyes are the first feature we look at when we start a conversation with someone and in some cultures eyes are considered to be a reflection of person’s soul.

The aging process is complicated and multi factorial.  Some of the key aging principles is changes of the skin, collagen, fat and facial bone structures along with the gravity and genetics all influence how fast and how we all age.

Brows and Eyes are located at the top of our face and we must do everything to combat the gravity factors which bring them down.  The combination anti aging therapy is the best approach to a multifactorial aging process

Procedures that may be combined together are:

Losing fat and collagen around eyes and temples leads to tired, saggy, smaller and droopy eyes that no one wants

Achieving a great eye and brow lift starts with a brow elevation and it is very important to do so with the right set of tools for the right patient in the hands of an expert.

It’s never a single treatment modality, but rather combination treatments that work synergistically to help address the aging process from different angles.

One procedure cannot and will not make a huge difference, especially a long lasting one.

The best approach should start with a very detailed expert consultation where problem areas needs to be identified and patient educated about it and the explained the possible options available to address them.

The lift happens from muscle relaxation of neuromodulators like Botox/Dysport,  collagen replacement with Sculptra, NovaThreads repositioning the fat pad/ligaments and then the skin tightening modalities aimed at keeping the skin looking taught and pulled.

Dr. Avaliani is a renowed Thread Expert in New York for over 4 years.  Dr. Avaliani is the #1 Sculptra Provider in New York.  You should feel very comfortable that you are in the hands of a true expert and an artist who will guide you and help you achieve your desired look.

Feel free to call/text/email us at 212-673-8888 to schedule your expert consultation today.

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