New Expressive Technology in HA fillers is here and Dr.Avaliani is excited to be one of the first experts to offer it to her patients.

Posted on 1 February, 2017

Written by Anna Avaliani MD

Restylane Defyne® and Restylane Refyne®


With the addition of the Emervel line of products, Restylane® family of HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers now offers the largest selection in the WORLD. It’s pretty cool

What is so special about Emervel/Restylane ®?

It offers completely brand new technology which allows for natural facial expression without being visible. The slogan “Natural Expression in Motion” highlights this unique feature.

How is Restylane®/Emervel different from Regular Restylane ®?

Regular Restylane®, Restylane Silk® and Restylane Lyft®are made with NASHA technology, which allows for uniform distribution of all the HA particles in the filler when it gets injected. It makes the filler very strong and reliable and doesn’t make it move within the skin layers.

 Restylane Defyne®and Restylane Refyne® are made with natural expression technology. It offers unique cross linking and different size particles, which allow the filler to effortlessly integrate into the skin layers without being visible when the skin moves.Larger size particles add volume and integrate deeper while smaller size particles fill in the superficial lines and wrinkles

Where can Restylane Refyne® be injected?

It is FDA approved for injection of mild to moderate lines like the ones around the mouth (smile lines) or above the lip (smoker’s lines) and even marionette lines. It can also be injected around the eyes and even lips

Where can Restylane Defyne® be injected?

It is FDA approved for correction of moderate to severe lines in the face. Smile lines, marionette lines, and lines around the eyes where (crow’s feet) are

It’s a very exciting product and offers great flexibility. Galderma family of products surely offers the best selection for Bestspoke treatments for all types of skin wrinkles.

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