New York-Based Dr. Avaliani Dishes On The Best Way To Remove Microblading

Posted on 5 November, 2020

Dr. Avaliani is a leading female expert on Upper East Side in New York City specializing in cosmetic and laser surgery. She is a Member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, ASLMS (American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery) and a Diplomate of American Board of Medical Specialties. Dr. Avaliani’s unique approach is very much appreciated and recognized locally and internationally by her loyal patient following. Her high-end clientele includes many celebrity models, actors, TV hosts, celebrity makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion designers, and many billionaires and influential people. Dr. Avaliani dishes on the best way to remove bad microblading from eyebrows without scaring and without the risk of losing hair.

Over the last few years, there has been an increased interest in eyebrows as a body part. Eyebrows are an important feature of the face and can highlight the beauty of facial features and eyes. They can also frame the shape of the face and make someone look older or younger.

People can paint their eyebrows using pencils or powders for temporary enhancement. Others, who are looking for a longer-lasting trick, are turning to Microblading for answers.

The microblading trend has been a game-changer for many people, it has helped many women save tremendous time spent on makeup application, restored their confidence, gave eyebrows to many who never had them, who plucked them out when it was a trend or unfortunately lost them due to chemotherapy or other medication side effects.

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of makeup but is a form of a facial tattoo. When done nicely it looks great but there is very little room for errors. But we are here to talk about bad microblading and how to remove it as fast as possible and as safe as possible.

There are many ways which have been mentioned before including injections of saline, simply waiting, trying different lasers or resorting to surgery, or using cover up makeup.

I have been using the best and the gold standard laser for tattoo removal and have created a unique treatment protocol designed for microblading removal from the eyebrows.

It takes less than 5 minutes to perform, and leaves no marks, or scars and does not affect the natural hairs of the eyebrow. No burns or hair fall our ever. It may just take one session or it can be a few, but never more than 4.

PicoSure Zoom Lens laser is FDA cleared for all ink colors, and all skin colors and does not affect any hairs or hair growth. It also never causes any scars or burns and it the safest and quickest solution to help people forget about their bad microblading experience and restore their confidence when it’s done in the hands-on the expert.

Dr. Avaliani is the world renowned PicoSure laser expert specializing in face and body laser rejuvenation and has developed her own treatment protocols using PicoSure to help her patients achieve the best results possible.  Trust yourself to an expert this time and always.

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