Non-Surgical Face Slimming: Combatting The Round Face Effect Of Teeth Grinding With Botox

Posted on 4 October, 2023

Grinding your teeth is a habit that many people unknowingly engage in and can lead to a host of problems, including a surprising side effect: your face may appear rounder. This unexpected consequence can make you feel like you’ve gained weight when, in fact, it’s related to teeth grinding. If you’re experiencing this issue, keep reading, as there is an innovative treatment that could change your life: Botox injections. This treatment doesn’t just provide relief from teeth grinding; it offers a range of aesthetic and comfort benefits that you might not have considered. This is where my expertise, as Dr. Anna Avaliani, comes into play, guiding you toward a transformative solution.

Botox: A Game-Changer for Teeth Grinders

Botox injections for teeth grinding have gained a reputation as a “life-changing” treatment because they relax the muscles involved in the grinding movements (biting/grinding). Unlike traditional mouthguards, which merely create a barrier to prevent enamel damage, Botox works by reducing the size and strength of these grinding muscles, effectively addressing the problem at its source.

Teeth grinders often don’t realize the compensatory actions their bodies take. The muscles in the lower face, such as the chin and neck, come into play, leading to increased frown lines and a wider neck appearance. Recent research even suggests that teeth grinders often develop widened necks and necklines or bands as a result.

Unlock a Slimmer, Pain-Free You

If you’ve ever experienced the benefits of Botox injections into the masseter muscles, it’s worth considering further enhancements. Evaluation for injections into the corners of the mouth (DAO), the chin, and even the treatment of vertical neck bands can contribute to facial slimming and neck rejuvenation.

It’s important to have a proper consultation and assessment by a trusted professional. A customized treatment plan, tailored to your specific needs, will outline the areas to be treated and the suggested dosage. Renowned for my expertise and artistic eye, I will offer guidance to help you discover the best treatment options for your unique situation.

Balancing the Lower Face: An Art and a Science

Just as maintaining facial harmony in the upper regions is vital, ensuring balance in the lower face is equally important. Trusting your treatment in an expert’s hands can make all the difference. By addressing the root cause of teeth grinding and its related effects, you can make your lower face as happy as your upper one, achieving a harmonious, pain-free, and aesthetically pleasing result.

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