We are here to provide clean, safe, professional, warm and welcoming environment for our staff and our patients as ever before

For the protection of our staff and all patients, we have asked that:

Patients agree to the following COVID-19 office policies:

  • Review, sign and abide by our Symptom Questionnaire provided in office
  • NOT to bring any friend, family member, child, or other party to your appointment without prior notification and approval
  • Contact us if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 that may interfere with your scheduled appointment

Our Patients will be asked to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as follows:

  • Must be wearing  Personal face maskupon entry to the office
  • Use hand-sanitizer or hand-washing station upon entry
  • Only remove PPE if asked by Dr. Avaliani or office staff for procedure specific protocols
  • We may ask that you rinse your mouth with anti-bacterial/anti-viral mouthwash provided in office prior to your specific procedure

Dr. Avaliani’s practice has always demonstrated and implemented the latest state of the art laser safety and hygiene practices, so our office was as ever properly equipped and is more prepared than ever to practice safely.

Our safety measures for our patients include:

  • We operate very exclusive with limited and carefully spaced out appointment slots to promote social distancing guidelines
  • Due to limited appointment slots available, we strictly follow our office policy rules. Please inform us of any changes within 48 business hours
  • Our staff has Face Masks, face shields and gloves and protective gowns
  • We have spaced out appointments to follow social distancing guidelines
  • We will not have anyone waiting in the waiting room and all patients will be taken immediately into the treatment room
  • We have implemented in room check out process
  • We have touchless checkout process utilizing ApplePay, Zelle, Venmo and BitCoin payment options
  • We continue to perform anti-viral/anti-bacterial cleaning and disinfection of each room after each patient
  • We clean & disinfect all potential points of contact, including door knobs, light switches, remote controls after each patient
  • We clean pens and office writing boards before and after each patient
  • We have hand sanitizing stations in every treatment room
  • We open office windows to allow fresh air to circulate few times a day.
  • We have antiviral filters in the office ventilation system
  • We have adapted use of automatic soap dispensers in our two in office bathrooms

We are closely following and monitoring rules & regulations posted by NYS.GOV, the NYS DOH, CDC, and NYC DOH. 

We are ready and super excited to safely welcome you!