Perfect profile in only 20 minutes by Dr.Avaliani

Posted on 8 July, 2024

Perfect underchin profile in only 20 minutes is now possible with the help of EMFACE. Best treatment to treat underchin fat, saggy skin, and muscle to help and restore the perfect side profile and your confidence.

Why choose EMFACE submental for your?

One needs to think to treat against the gravity and treating the foundation of sagging, which is muscles and tendons and then fat and skin.

How to get the perfect profile and remove under chin fat fast?

The answer is it is possible and only with EMFACE in 20 minutes

How to painlessly remove underchin fat?

The answer is EMFACE submental applicator. It targets the fat, muscles and the skin leading to the creation of the most perfect profile.

How to remove underchin fat with no scars?

The answer is EMFACE. It provides zero pain, utilizes zero needles, so there is no cutting your skin open, and hence no scars left

How to best remove underchin fat with no downtime?

EMFACE is a revolutionary technology utilizing the unique power of RF (radiofrequency) which when used effectively and appropriately, selectively targets the fat cells to be destroyed. Less cells leads to less submental fullness

When is the best time to get EMFACE treatment?

Due to its unique technology combination, EMFACE can be done all year long on any skin color safely as long as the proper skin conditions are met and no contraindications have been found, which are to be discussed during consultation prior to any cosmetic treatment ever to be done.

How many EMFACE treatments does one need to see results?

The protocol typically requires 4 sessions which can be spaced 5 days to 1 month apart and results can be seen almost immediately after a single session. It is truly remarkable tool in the anti aging world.

It is very important to always start with an expert consultation to determine whether you are the right candidate, whether this technology will help you achieve the results and whether you have realistic expectations. Dr.Avaliani is brutally honest with the patients she chooses to perform the treatment on. She is very careful to select the best candidates and pair them with the best technologies, which she has many of, in order to ensure a very happy patient. Just because you come for EMFACE does not necessarily mean you will get EMFACE as Dr.Avaliani needs to approve this first.

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