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Dr. Anna Avaliani


What is SculpSure?

It’s a totally non invasive body contouring treatment causing reduction of fat cells in the treated area. No surgery. No anesthesia. No recovery, No Scars.

  • Upper arms
  • Back rolls
  • Back handles
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Back of thighs
Some Before & After Results:

*individual results may vary and are not guaranteed

How does it work?

SculpSure uses a 1060 nm Laser technology to heat your fat cells to 42-47 (107-116˚F). The heat generated is delivered in pulses and is interchanges with cooling, providing a very comfortable treatment session.

The heat causes damage to vital cell structures resulting in release of fat which is then slowly removed form the body. 

It comes with 4 handles which can be customized to treat any body area in order to address your area of concern. For abdomen treatment: you can choose 4 handsets to treat upper and lower abdomen or 3 to simply treat upper or lower abdomen.
For love handle treatment, each side gets 2 handsets per side. One treatment consists of using a maximum of 4 handsets at any one time.

Which areas can be treated by SculpSure?
  • Upper arms
  • Back rolls (bra rolls)
  • Upper abdomen
  • Lower abdomen
  • Male Chest
  • Love handles (muffin tops)
  • Back handles
  • Inner thighs
  • Custom area
  • Calfs
  • Outer thighs
  • Back of thighs
  • Under Buttock
  • Upper knees
  • Inner Knees
Sculpsure Videos

How Sculpsure Works

Anna Avaliani Getting live treatment done

Sculpsure video for stomach treatment

Custom Abdomen treatment Version 6

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*individual results may vary and are not guaranteed