SculpSure Q and A from NYC SculpSure Expert

Posted on 1 June, 2017

Written by Anna Avaliani, MD

Q: How to get the best SculpSure treatment results?

A: Choose board certified cosmetic physician. Not a Spa.

Dr.Anna Avaliani is a top SculpSure provider in NYC . Over 1000 +treatments performed to date. Over 5 treatments performed DAILY. Over 100 treatments Monthly. Over 400 applicators a month! 

Q: Why it’s important to have your SculpSure treatment performed by an expert?

A: SculpSure is simply a tool and how this tool is used will give you the results you are looking for.

SculpSure done at the spa is NOT THE SAME as SculpSure at the cosmetic physician’s office!

Your Results always depend on:

  1. The experience of the provider
  2. Their aesthetic eye and vision of your body
  3. Proper physical exam
  4. The treatment design itself using the applicators
  5. The correct settings used
  6. The amount of treatments recommended
  • In our practice, All treatment plans are personally designed and performed by Dr. Avaliani, who has over 5 years of experience is cosmetic and laser surgery and has an aesthetic eye for body contouring. This is what makes your treatment unique.  The laser is simply a laser, but how it is used dictates the outcome.
  • In our office, an expert physician (NOT a hired technician) evaluates right treatment for you to help achieve your desired goals.
  • SculpSure is FDA cleared for reduction of fat in stubborn areas of the body like stomach and love handles. It is designed for people who exercise and eat healthy but feel like they have reached a plateau in their regimen and want a boost.
  • SculpSure is an ideal treatment to reduce fat in stubborn areas of the body as the treatment is only 25 minutes and is virtually painless and has absolutely ZERO downtime.
  • The right treatment design can help you achieve best results. Dr.Avaliani has noticed that her signature treatment design for love handles, not only can help reduce the size of love handles but also affect the “bra roll”, which bothers so many women. In the hands of an expert, you can improve two areas by correctly evaluating one area and positioning the applicators correctly. It’s about skills and an artistic eye in the hands of a true expert and Dr.Avaliani is definitely a highly skilled cosmetic physician with an artistic eye.
  • You need a proper physical exam before your treatment. Always! You are putting a laser on your body. You should make sure that that laser is safe for you. How can a spa know that? How can a laser technician know that? Laser technicians have absolutely no medical training at all.
  • It is not about being put on the highest settings.
  • If you ask to be put on the highest settings and the technician has no idea if that is safe, they may burn you and lead to unevenness and downtime. The settings that can be used on the body differ from person to person and vary from area treated as well. Remember, FDA cleared SculpSure for reduction of fat on the stomach and love handles. If you want to treat any other areas, you need someone who does it all the time and knows which settings are safe and which are not.  
  • Avaliani performs SculpSure treatments on all body areas and has expertise to help you contour your upper and lower body, not just the stomach and love handles!
  • You are more likely to develop unevenness on your lower body with SculpSure if the treatment design is wrong and doesn’t account for anatomically needed fat pads, which help support the body.

The bottom line is: Trust yourself to an Expert to get the best results if you are spending the money. 

Cheap is never good and good is never cheap!  Your health and safety is PRICELESS.

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