SculpSure® vs CoolSculpting® Comparison

Posted on 2 December, 2016

Written by: Anna Avaliani, MD

SculpSure received a little rejuvenation and is now called WarmSculpting by Sculpsure.

Brooke Shields is the brand ambassador to spread awareness how amazing SculpSure treatment has been and how it has helped her reduce the last bid of stubborn fat she couldn’t get rid of with diet and exercise.

Patients have many choices of non invasive technologies now with a selection of FDA approved devices such as WarmSculpting by Sculpsure and CoolSculpting

Dr. Avaliani’s state of the art laser facility offers the best, laters and the most cutting edge technologies when it comes to the face and body.

We are the only facility in NYC and the county to have 2 SculpSure machines and 2 Coolsculpting machines in one facility to help our patients achieve the best results.

Body definition with SculpSure® -The Ice Age is OVER!


Non invasive body contouring is becoming the next big thing as more and more people do not wish to go through surgery and downtime.  They are looking for a body boost with a quick and effective treatment that will help them achieve their “dream” body. 

A key to successful body contouring experience is a multistep process. 

The first key step is to undergo a proper evaluation where a detailed treatment plan is formulated to suit the patient’s needs and goals and to meet their expectations. Body sculpting with SculpSure® involves more than simply applying applicators, turning on the machine and leaving the room. Without an intelligently formulated treatment plan, one simply cannot expect to achieve excellent results! 

The second and likely the central component of body sculpting treatment with SculpSure® is the ideal placement of applicators over the treatment area. The laser is simply a tool, but Dr. Avaliani is an expert in utilizing the tool to give the best possible results as not all areas are the same and not every patient gets the same placement.

The final component is patient’s comfort and time efficiency. The entire treatment is only 25 minutes long. During this time, patients can simply relax and be on their smart devices, watch TV, read books or magazines, take a nap or even get a little extra pampering with some Botox and Fillers.

Dr. Avaliani is a perfectionist with great and skillful eye for aesthetics.  She performs the consultation personally and will make sure to make you conformable as well as be very honest and thorough. Dr. Avaliani set the most legalistic expectations and pays the highest attention to the quality and comfort of your treatment.

The laser machine is just a tool and the results stem from how the tool is utilized. Do not fall for cheap or unreal deals, they will try to sell you something but they never have your best interest in mind. I see my patients personally and completely customize the use of applicators according to my aesthetically trained eye, expertise, and my previous results, while keeping the patient’s “most realistic expectations” in mind.

I will try to explain why I decided to offer SculpSure® to my patients as opposed to CoolSculpting®.

They both work, but they are also very different.

Why I chose SculpSure®?

The biggest reason is because it definitely works. The science behind it is phenomenal and super high patient satisfaction rate of over 90% pretty much speaks for itself. I have also personally tried it and know how it feels as well as seen results after it.

SculpSure® benefits: It’s a quick and very easy treatment.  You have 4 applicators that are run at the same time and the session lasts exactly 25 minutes. First 4 minutes are called initiation phase where the internal temperature of fat cells is getting to target goal of 46°C , and is then followed by 21 minutes of sustained temperature of 46°C with constant period of skin cooling. The most uncomfortable experience is felt during the first 4 minutes as your body is getting adjusted to the temperature. There is also an added component of a little anxiety as you don’t know what to expect, which may increase the discomfort level from what it’s truly is.

Every single patient who had a repeat treatment even in the same day on a different area, has described that the second treatment was a breeze because they already knew what to expect.

Why is SculpSure® so much more advanced in comparison to CoolSculpting®?

  • Not only does it kill fat cells in the target area but it also performs body sculpting
  • There is absolutely no downtime
  • There is no need for a painful massage after the treatment
  • There is no “stick of butter” effect since no suction is used
  • There is no “shark bite effect” as the applicator is non suction based and also allows a larger radius of an area to be treated. According to the studies, there is an additional 2-3 cm of coverage area around the applicator that will
  • There is no need to take neuropathic pain medications or narcotics during recovery

What is exactly body sculpting with SculpSure®?

It’s a treatment designed for people who are already fit and exercise but still have small areas that they would like to improve.  Because there is no suction applicator involved, there is no need for large areas of fat to present in order to qualify for treatment.  You can come with flat stomach and achieve an ever more defined stomach with those etched “six packs” in only 25 minutes with no downtime! How cool is that?

Can SculpSure® fix botched liposuctions results?

Absolutey Yes and without the need to go under the knife again or having painful recovery!

It will fix botched or uneven liposuction results on almost all areas of the body

What you should not expect from your SculpSure® treatment?

  • Do not treat this as Liposuction
  • Do not treat this as surgery
  • Do not assume to see really drastic results as this is non invasive body contouring
  • Do not treat it as weight loss surgery. Majority of people after this treatment return to the gym and maintain the same weight and diet plan. You should not gain weight while undergoing your treatment
  • Do not expect to have skin tightening on the loose skin after your treatment

What are the most common contraindications to SculpSure® treatment?

  • Having unrealistic expectations
  • Number one is presence of an open wound
  • Presense of hernia in the area to be treated
  • Recent surgery in the area to be treated ( <6 months)
  • Being obese, which is medically defined as the ratio of our ideal body weight over your height. If your BMI is over 30, most people do not qualify. You need to come in for a consultation
  • Having a lot of loose skin.  Some patient may assume that their bulge is fat, which may very well be just pockets of loose skins with some fat inside them.

The bottom line is that SculpSure® offers the latest and most advanced modality in non invasive fat removal process without any downtime with amazing results.

Feel free to call and schedule your consultation with Dr. Avaliani to help you achieve the most realistic, the best possible results of body contouring using the latest technology combined with highest standards of care and expertise in the cosmetic and laser surgery field.

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