Teeth Grinders, It’s Time To Make Your Lower Face Happy With Botox Injections

Posted on 27 July, 2022

Dr. Anna Avaliani’s office is a state-of-the-art laser facility that creates the best bespoke treatments for each patient using the latest, the absolute best gold-standard technology for her patients. The office has over 3 million of laser technology for full face and full body rejuvenation all carefully planned, crafted, and performed by Dr. Avaliani.

Are you starting to experience the wrath of grinding your teeth? Whether that be a stagnant headache or increased sensitivity in your worn-down teeth, the symptoms of teeth grinding are no fun. To look softer, slimmer, and be pain-free, Haute Beauty expert Dr. Anna Avaliani offers injection treatments that are ideal for teeth grinders like yourself.

Injections for Teeth Grinding

There are many remedies to treat teeth grinding. Typically, you hear of mouth guards, which are simple solutions to create a barrier to stopping teeth from rubbing one on top of each other and damaging the enamel. Though mouth guards are a practical option, Dr. Avaliani, amongst other experts, uses Botox injections, deemed a “life-changing” treatment that relaxes the muscle involved in biting and grinding movements.

Botox makes the muscles smaller and weaker and prevents the teeth from actually grinding. People that grind their teeth often don’t realize that they compensate by using other muscles of the lower face like the chin and the neck. This leads to increased frown lines and wide neck appearances, as shown in the image below.

A recent study showed that people who grind their teeth usually have widened necks and develop pronounced horizontal necklines or bands. If you ever received Botox into masseters, then you should be evaluated to receive depressor anguli oris (DAO) injections, which can depress the lateral corners of the mouth.

When going in for a consultation, Dr. Avaliani can also evaluate your vertical neck bands to see how she can use injections to slim the face and back of the neck while reducing the pain in the jawlines that can sometimes trigger migraines.

It’s essential to have a proper consultation and assessment with Dr. Avaliani so she can design a customized treatment plan that will include the areas to be treated and the suggested dosage of injectables. Remember, Botox is not just for those fine lines and wrinkles. With Dr. Avaliani’s expertise and an artistic eye, your teeth grinding symptoms will begin to diminish, and your lower face will be symmetrical to your upper face.

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