The Benefits Of Using Picosure Laser To Remove Microbladed Eyebrows

Posted on 6 March, 2023

Do you have sparse, thin, or even asymmetrical eyebrows? If the answer is yes, then there is a high chance that you’ve considered going a more permanent route when it comes to filling in your brows. As you’ve gone through many eyebrow pencils, tried henna tattoos, and eyebrow lamination – these options are no longer cutting it. This is when most resort to microblading, a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique used to enhance and reshape eyebrows.

Haute Beauty expert Dr. Anna Avaliani often works with patients who have received microblading on their eyebrows. Though effective, there are times when people may want to remove or lighten their microbladed eyebrows. To do so, Dr. Avaliani uses a Picosure laser because of its many benefits.

The Benefits of Picosure

  • Fast treatment time – Picosure laser uses ultra-short pulses of energy, which means that the treatment is faster than other laser removal methods. It can take as little as 2-4 sessions to remove microblading pigment.
  • Effectively breaks down pigment – the laser is particularly effective for removing stubborn colors like red, brown, yellow, and orange. It also treats black and blue ink.
  • Minimal discomfort – shorter pulses of energy, means there is a less likely chance your skin will become irritated or inflamed during the treatment.
  • Safe for all skin types – Picosure is less likely to cause hyperpigmentation, which is a common concern with other laser hair removal options.
  • High success rate – it is important to note that laser removal is not always 100% effective in removing all the pigment, but Dr. Avaliani has seen a success rate with this particular treatment.
  • Doesn’t cause scarring – Picosure relies on ultra-short pulses of energy delivered to the skin in trillionths of a second. The lack of heat means less skin damage.
  • Doesn’t cause eyebrow hair loss – there are no indications of Picosure causing hair loss. If you experience loss of hair at the treatment site it will grow back.
  • No downtime necessary – the laser doesn’t cause irritation and less irritation means less downtime.

If you are interested in Picosure for removing the red and yellow pigment of microblading, consult with Dr. Anna Avaliani today

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