The BEST Body Contouring Center of NYC brings you EMSculpt NEO. What is the cost of EMSculptNEO

Posted on 19 October, 2020

The Best Technology of 2020 has arrived!!!!  What can possibly be better than EMSculpt? The answer is EMSculpt NEO!

Dr. Anna Avaliani is the first provider in NYC offering EMSculpt Neo after being the first to bring EMSculpttechnology  to NYC over  2 years ago.

Dr.Avaliani’s practice is the leading practice in NYC in body contouring offering all the possible and best devices on the planet to help her patients achieve the best possible results.

It’s one place that has it all and Dr.Avaliani is a true expert when it comes to designing a treatment plan for her patients using technology devices as her tools . She chooses the devices which help achieve the best possible result.

In only 30 minutes, you can receive a true trifecta of body contouring devices

Treat Muscle


Treat Fat


Treat Skin


The only thing that can be  better than HIFEM technology for muscle building is muscle building and fat burning at once!

What is EMSculpt Neo?

It’s like EMSculpt on steroids!  Its dual technology combining HIFEM and RF technology. HIFEM is to build muscle and RF (radio frequency) is for fat burning and skin tightening

How long is EMSculpt Neo treatment?

It takes only 30 minutes just like EMSculpt

Does EMSculpt Neo treatment really work?

We have 30 clinical studies and publications showing over 90% satisfaction rate of the people who received treatment.  They achieven on average 30% reduction rate in Fat and 25% in muscle mass

How does EMSculpt Neo treatment feel?

It feels like little warming sensation while doing crunches. Absolutely no pain and no recovery

What technology does EMSculpt NEO use?

It’s a combination of HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic) and RF (Radio Frequency)

Does EMSculpt Neo treatment hurt?

Absolutely no.  EMSculpt Neo is totally painless treatment and

How much does EMSculpt Neo treatment cost?

The price of the EMSculpt Neo is expected to be released with it’s release date. It should not be compared to EMSculpt as this does fat burning as well as muscle building.

The final cost will depend on the body area to be treated as well as how many sessions it will take.

What is the price difference  betweenEMSculpt and EMSculpt Neo?

EMSCulpt Neo is a dual or even triple technology in one treatment hence the expected cost of treatment will be higher that EMSculpt alone.

How do I know if I need EMSculpt or EMSculpt Neo?

Which technology is better suited for you can only be determined at the time of your consultation and depends on your body shape and desired result.

Dr.Avaliani will be more than happy to tell you when you come to in person consultation or virtual consultation.

When will EMSculpt NEO arrive?

It was FDA approved on October 17th, 2020 and is set to be delivered at the end of November or early December of 2020.

Dr.Avaliani will be one of the first  100 practices in the country to have it as she is a TOP EMSculpt provider in NYC.

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