The new EmSculpt ®helper has arrived!!!

Posted on 29 July, 2019

Written by Dr.Anna Avaliani MD

Now we can sculpt arm biceps, arm triceps, inner thighs and abdominal sides for more contouring.

This smaller, sleecker and curvier set is a great compliment which will add endless possibilities to reshape and tone your body than before!

When does small Curvy Emsculpt applicator for arms become available?

The new small applicators were FDA cleared in July 2019 and have joined the team of her body contouring devices. in Dr.Avaliai’s office is one of the first providers to receive them as she is a laser guru and a #laserqueenofparkavenue

How long is the treatment with small applicators?
It is 20 minutes long compared to 30 min larger body applicators designed to treat abdomen, thighs, and buttocks area

Which areas will smaller applicators for Emsculpt treat?

  • Arm Biceps (set)
  • Arm Triceps (set)
  • Obliques (sides of the abdomen)
  • Inner thighs
  • Calves

Dr.Avaliani uses the latest state of the art technology to help you achieve the body tone and strength you have always dreamed of.
With the help of EmSculpt® technology, your body can receive an intense 30 or 20 minute work out , saving you lots of time and frustration while waiting for results

Multiple areas can be treated for best results at the same visit time
Dr.Avaliani recommends treating abdomen and buttock area together to achieve a stronger core and best results. This combination is highly recommended for both men and women as by treating them the posture and gait become so much better and the back pain will be gone. One must try it to believe it

EmSculpt doesn’t serve as a substitute for healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, but one EmSculpt treatment of 4 sessions will save you 6 months of daily workouts and with proven results. You cannot possibly beat that.

The amazing benefits of EmSculpt treatment include:

  • Up to 16 % increase in muscle mass
  • Up to 19 % reduction in subcutaneous fat
  • Up to 11% reduction if diastasis recti muscle separation after pregnancies
  • Waste size reduction by 4.4 cm on average
  • Tone and build large and small body regions
  • Multiple treatment areas can be done at the same day and time
  • No pain
  • No recovery, downtime or marks
  • No side effects

Is EmSculpt treatment created equal?

Absolutely not, EmSculpt is just like any other laser which is simply a tool. Dr.Avaliani’s expert consultation will include a proper physical exam and detailed history to determine and isolate the muscle groups which need to be targeted to tone the muscles and achieve the results. For example: Abdominal area tends to be variable for both men and women and some need one or two applicators, but some abdomens need to be divided into upper and lower regions as well, as some people have weaker upper abdomen and some have weaker lower abdomens. Proper identification and applicator placement are a key factors in achieving results and patient satisfaction.

To see Dr.Avaliani for your expertly tailored consultation , please call 212-673-8888.

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