The new injection can make double chin disappear and make faces look slimmer all in one in the hands of Dr. Avaliani.

Posted on 1 March, 2021

The Chin is a new Cheek in 2021 and it adds Beauty from every angle .

Written by Dr. Anna Avaliani MD

Dr. Avaliani is a GAIN national injection trainer for Galdema and is very proud to be a part of the incredible team of leaders in new innovations for facial harmonization techniques. Chin definition has always been a key area in her practice for many years and now it’s great to see that FDA approved chin for injections a well. Thanks to being one of the leaders and artists  in the aesthetic market, Dr. Avaliani has been offering her patients non surgical chin augmentation procedure for the last 5 years .

Facial Harmonization and Facial balancing is now gaining more attention than overfilled and overcorrected cheeks. Recent approval of Restylane Defyne for chin augmentation in February of 2021 has generated a lot of excitement in the aesthetic industry

What is a non surgical chin augmentation?

It’s also known and chin filler injection or chin filler augmentation which is done with an injection of a dermal filler.

Who is an ideal candidate for non surgical chin augmentation?

Any person who feels like their side profile is non defined, maybe they feel like they have a double chin or maybe their nose looks too big in proportion to their face or maybe they feel like they have. a lot of sad lines around their mouth. Many people look at themselves in many different ways, therefore chin definition is something thant can easily balance and frame someone’s face.

Some of the amazing Benefits of non surgical chin augmentation which is life changing:

  • It can make the face look slimmer and longer
  • It’s a great part of facial harmonization technique
  • It creates facial sliming and contouring that is semi permanent
  • It can make the face look more masculine for male patient
  • It can give more definition and support
  • It can make face look younger and creates less saggy skin in the neck area
  • It improves profile for both men and women
  • It improved double chin appearance for both men and women

Why Restylane Defyne has been chosen as the best filler for non surgical chin augmentation ?

The natural expression HA technology of Restylane Defyne makes it an ideal candidate which adds support and allows flexibility. Chin is very closely located to the mouth area and having a very stiff chin may make one feel slightly awkward and may even look like obvious that something was done to the chin, while Restylane Defyne natural expression technology, moves with you as you speak or make any facial expression while maintaining facial balance and harmonization without being obvious. This product is simply a great hidden secret in the hands of injection artists.

How long does non surgical Chin augmentation last?

The exact duration varies from person to person and is dependent on a few factors like:

The type of filler (HA or other products or even the type of HA)

The injected volume

The metabolism of the patient

The location is one of them as well, but chin is a pretty solid structure which doesn’t move as much as the lips for example.

The average duration is about 12 months or 1 year. If you need 2-4 syringes to achieve the desired result, then in 12 months you may need just 1 or 2 mls to keep the results.

How much does non surgical chin augmentation cost?

The cost varies depending on the location of the practice, the experience of the provider as well as the injection technique used and the amount of product to nbe used. It is impossible to accurately predict the cost without in-person consultation.

How many syringes are needed for non surgical chin augmentation?

That number nvaries from person to person and is dependeant on invividual’s anatomy.

The average amount injected during clinical trials was any where between 4-6 ml of product. Please understand that 5 ml or 5 cc of a product is only a tiny teaspoon and is not a lot.  Some people will only need 1-2 syringes if they have a already a good chin support but people that need more support, will need more product.  It can easily take more than one visit to achieve a “happy spot” which is then most recommended approach for satefy and patient outcomes

How long is the recovery after  non surgical chin augmentation?

The recovery is very uneventful, There might be feeling of tightness, soreness for 1-2 days after the procedure. The most common side effects reported, were redness, swelling, soreness and bruising which lasted for a few days only. This one is fairly easy.

How long does non surgical chin augmentation procedure take?

Once the procedure starts, it can take 5-10 minutes depending on patient comfort and the amount of syringes to be used and well and the hand and expertise of the provider. Non surgical chin augmentation with Dr. Avaliani usually takes 5-10 minutes the most as the performs multiple injection procedures on daily basis.

Does non surgical chin augmentation hurt?

There is absolutely no pain or discomfort. The topical numbing and the lidocaine inside the HA filler, only give a very slight discomfort. It’s probably the easiest and the most comfortable area for the patient to receive injection into.

Can men get non surgical chin augmentation?

Absolutely. Strong chins have always been considered very attractive and very powerful.

Strong chin for a male patient is almost as important as having luscious and full lips for a female patient.

Can women get non surgical chin augmentation?

Women can absolutely get non surgical chin augmentation as it will balance their features, allows for a longer, slimmer, and more defined look while created support and removing a double chin and softening or erasing early jowls.

How do I know what product is the best for non surgical chin augmentation?

Restylane Defyne is likely the best and only product on the market which slows for support and flexibility at the same time. The two other HA fillers which can be used for chin augmentation are Restylane Lyftand Juvederm Voluma. The best product would be determined by your aesthetic provider at the time of your in person consultation.

Do results of non surgical chin augmentation look similar like receiving a chin implant?

The answer depends whether the appropriate candidate was chosen and whether the patient had realistic expectations and whether the aesthetic provider was skilled in delivering the most amazing results.

If the appropriate patient, with realistic expectations comes to an injection expert, then the result can absolutely look like a chin implant was injected except the patient has no recovery, no scars, no potential nerve damage, etc.

The best and most accurate answer is that it depends. Surgery and non surgery cannot be considered the same, but in best cases they can be pretty close.

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