Top 3 Medical Beauty Trends for 2017

Posted on 3 January, 2017

Written by: Anna Avaliani, MD

1.Non surgical butt lift is the best thing for 2017 aka Collagen butt lift

It has been increasingly gaining popularity since 2016 and will definitely become the top requested body enhancement procedure this year.

What is non surgical butt lift?

It’s a totally non invasive procedure which involves injecting a pro collagen stimulating substance in the buttock area to add volume and enhance deficient areas.

How does pro collagen actually enhance buttock?

This substance naturally builds collagen over few months and gradually adds volume to the buttocks area making it more pronounced.

How long to results after collagen butt lift last?

The butt enhancement from collagen shots last anywhere between 2-5 years, which is the same as after receiving a Brazilian BBL with fat grafting.  So why would you go under surgery if you can get similar results with virtually no risks.

Is Collgen Butt lift for everyone?

The answer is not simple and definitely requires a consultation with an expert.  Please feel free to call our office at 212-673-8888 to schedule your consultation with Dr.Avaliani.

How long does the procedure take?

About 30 minutes to 1 hour

Is there any downtime after non surgical butt lift?

Virtually none. You will be able to walk out of the office and resume your daily activities. Details will be provided at the time of your consultation.

2.Natural lips. Forget Kylie and Kim!

2016 was all about lips and big lips. 2017 is more about enhancing natural beauty and not chasing or changing your natural beauty.

This year will be about subtle enhancements using the best subtle HA fillers on the market like Restylane Silk and Juvederm Volbella.  These subtle fillers will add just enough definition and not too much volume as not to make you look fake.

If you never tried them before, maybe this year you will want to give them a try. New Year means New You.

Restylane Silk

Juvederm Volbella

3. Non invasive Body Contouring and Sculpting Triple Threat (SculpSure+Ultherapy+Kybella)

Body concerns:

Body Sculpting was gaining momentum in 2016 with SculpSure, but 2017 will be all about this latest body makeover equipment.

This non invasive no downtime procedure can transform your body in as little as 25 minutes with no downtime, permanent results and over 90 % patient satisfaction.

Face and Body:

Second runner up for facial and body contouring is Ultherapy. This gold standard skin tightening procedure has been a celebrity favorite since 2007, that’s 10 years and it  continues to keep people looking younger and tighter. It’s importnant to find an experienced Ultherapy provider as the results depend on the provider and not the laser. Make sure to visit to find a board certified provider near you. Make sure that an actual board physician directly performs this treatment as well as this machine requires knowledge and expertise to operate.

Neck/ Chin/ Body :Kybella is a hidden gem of injectable world. Not only does it destroy fat cells it also allows for body contouring in tough places such as under the chin, in front of arm pits, under butt and above knees. If you got a small area of pinchable fat that you cannot remove by diet and exercise, then Kybella is right for you.

The medical beauty world is filed with a lot of new and exciting products and it’s becoming difficult for consumers to keep up with the latest trends. 

My wish for all patients is to find an experienced provider which they trust. With combination treatments it’s impossible to find information about every single treatment offered, but if you find someone you trust and they explain their plan to you, it becomes very easy to work together and the results will speak for themselves.

Good luck in 2017 and I hope this year you will Reveal The Best You. It’s all about preventing aging process and aging gracefully.

Happy New Year and Happy New You!



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