Unlocking the Secret to Slim and Toned Legs: Understanding Calf-Tox Treatment by NYC Body Expert Dr. Avaliani

Posted on 8 February, 2024

Dr. Avaliani has been providing Calf-Tox treatments since 2018, emphasizing the need for a highly skilled injector to perform this specialized procedure. The key to success lies in selecting the right candidate and executing the procedure accurately, making it clear that Calf-Tox is not suitable for everyone. A consultation is crucial to assess whether the concern is excess fat or muscle causing “bulky legs.”

What is Calf- tox?

Calf-Tox is a non-surgical method that employs neuromodulators like Botox or Dysport to relax the bulky leg muscles, creating a toned and slimmer appearance.

How is Calf-Tox performed?

This procedure involves injections using the smallest needles, similar to those used for facial wrinkle treatments. Tiny pricks target the areas with bulky muscles, contributing to a more toned and slender look.

Why do people seek Calf-Tox?

Various aesthetic concerns prompt individuals to consider Calf-Tox, with patients sharing common reasons with Dr. Avaliani. Some of these include feeling that their legs lack femininity, struggling to fit into skinny jeans, experiencing difficulty zipping up tall boots, and being unable to pull up winter boots due to tightness around the calves.

What is the duration of Calf-Tox effects?

Typically, the effects of Calf-Tox last around 4-6 months, occasionally extending beyond this timeframe. The duration varies based on individual muscle and metabolic activity.

Is there pain associated with Calf-Tox injections?

No, there is no pain involved. Dr. Avaliani employs the smallest needles, administering gentle pricks into the larger muscle. Patients can opt for topical numbing, or for a quick and hassle-free process, they may choose Pro-Nox, also known as laughing gas, to alleviate anxiety.

What is the cost of Calf-Tox injections?

The treatment cost is not fixed, as it depends on the individual’s muscle bulk. Some may require a small amount, while others may need more. On average, the dosage to achieve the desired

effect ranges from 80 to 400 units in total per treatment.

Are there potential side effects of Calf-Tox?

Injecting an excessive amount may result in difficulties walking or standing properly. Therefore, a cautious approach of starting with a lower dose and gradually adding more is recommended to mitigate potential side effects.

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