What is HIFEM Plus and when is it coming?

Posted on 12 October, 2020

Full Body Core to Floor non invasive workout.

HIFEM and HIFEM Plus provider in NYC, Dr.Avaliani offers the latest Core to Floor Technology in her State of the Art Laser Center on Park Avenue in New York.

We offer (HIFEM) EMSculptand (MMS) CoolTone technology and will be adding HIFEM Plus as we are the top EMSculpt providers in NY and the ONLY practive to have all three !  That says a lot.

What can possibly be  better that HIFEM technology? Of Course  HIFEM Plus !!!

When is HIFEM Plus Coming?  It’s being released and unveiled on October 17th, 2020

What is HIFEM? Here is the spell out of the HIFEM and its meaning






What is so special about HIFEM Plus Technology by BTL?  The makers of the EMSculpt are releasing an even better and upgraded protocol to achieve revolutionary results and we are just so excited for it.

What is the difference between HIFEM and HIFEM Plus technology?

They are both made by the BTL industries , who are the makers of EMSculpt, EMSella, EMtone, Exilis devices.

EMSculpt and EMSella  both utilize HIFEM technology for super strong core workout and ultimately better skeletal health and medical health .

HIFEM plus technology will feature updated treatment protocols likely with an addition of extra body areas.


We are all just as excited for the reveak of HIFEM plus so we can conduct a comparison  between  HIFEM  and HIFEM Plus and HIFEM Plus and MMS technology of CoolTone.

To learn more about HIFEM aka EMSculpt. Please read here: EMSculpt

To learn more about MMS  ( Magnetic Muscle Stimulations) you can read it here:CoolTone NYC

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