What is Nose-Tox?

Posted on 1 May, 2024

A Non surgical nose slimming and lifting solution in NYC

Explained by a national trainer and injection expert Dr.Anna Avaliani.

Dr.Avaliani believes that Nose-Tox procedure is one of the most under utilized procedures with the greatest impact on confidence level with zero pain, zero surgery, zero downtime and almost instant results.

Many patients complain that their noses look wide when they are smiling and they are not wrong! We actually have muscles around our nose that pull the nose to each side when we are smiling, therefore giving a wider appearance.

What exactly is Nose-Tox?

It is a 1 minute procedure involving an expertly placed neuromodulator like Botox/ Dysport for Nose slimming and lifting effect when smiling.

How does Nose Tox slim the nose?

When we smile, there are muscles around the nose which widen the nose nostrils and may make the nose appear wider on photos or selfies taken. By placing some neuromodulator like Botox or Dysport around the nostril muscles we can keep the nose still and not look wide.

How does Nose-Tox lift the nose tip?

Injecting some tox under the nose tip muscle will create a 5 degree lift of the tip completely nonsurgically when smiling and will enhance your profile.

What to know when choosing your injector?

One must be confident that their provider knows the anatomy and knows the injection technique as incorrectly injected muscles will make one feel and look miserable so do your homework.

How long does it take to see effects of Nose-Tox procedure?

Just like with your regular neuromodulator injection of Botox or Dysport, you may start seeing results as early as few hours and most results will be visible by day 4 and the final result in 2 weeks.

How long is the Nose-Tox Procedure?

It is less than 1 minute procedure in the expert hands.

Does Nose-Tox procedure hurt?

Nose is a sensitive area but it is so quick. If afraid of discomfort, then topical numbing will help it feel comfortable.

Does Nose-Tox affect how you look?

Absolutely not. It only affects the muscles around your nose and you can appreciate the slimming and lifting on active and smiling photos.

How much does Nose-Tox cost?

Everyone’s anatomy is unique and should be treated as such. One cannot expect to be injected the same way as everyone else around them, hence the cost will vary from person to person based on their anatomy. The price depends on the muscles to be targeted, eg areas. For some people only nose nostril muscles are enough to be injected, while for others, the bunny lines and even glabella will need to be injected to look and feel balanced and the cost will be different.

How to prepare for your Nose-Tox procedure?

It is always best to start with a consultation to discuss if this procedure is right for you and whether this alone or in combination with other things like dermal filler will be needed to help you achieve your desired look. This procedure does not replace surgery if needed but it can definitely make the right candidate very happy with results and not require a major surgical intervention. It all starts with an expert consultation.

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