Who is an ideal Candidate for PDO Thread lift?

Posted on 24 July, 2023

PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are FDA cleared for minimally invasive cosmetic treatment for facial rejuvenation and lifting. These threads are made of biocompatible and absorbable material called polydioxanone, which is commonly used in medical sutures.

Figure 1 Before and after PDO thread lift for smile lines

During a PDO thread treatment, the threads are carefully inserted under the skin using fine needles or blunt cannulas. Once they are inserted under the skin, the threads work to lift and tighten the skin, promoting collagen production and improving skin elasticity. The threads are designed to dissolve over time, stimulating the body’s natural healing response and creating a supportive network of collagen fibers.

The collagen production and tissue tightening induced by PDO threads lead to visible improvements in facial sagging, wrinkles, and skin laxity. The results of PDO thread treatments are often gradual and can last for several months as the body continues to produce collagen in response to the threads.

Characteristics of an ideal patient candidate for PDO instant threads must include:

  1. Healthy Skin: Candidates should have overall healthy and plump skin without significant sun damage (leathery skin), active infection, or history of severe acne scarring
  2. Mild to Moderate Skin Laxity: PDO threads are most effective for individuals with mild to moderate skin laxity in the areas like around the eyes, mouth, jowls, and the neck area.
  3. Realistic Expectations: It’s essential for patients to have realistic expectations about the outcomes of PDO thread treatments. While the procedure can provide noticeable improvements, it may not achieve the same results as a surgical facelift.
  4. Healthy life style: Non-smokers and people who tend to avoid alcohol have better skin quality and will have minimal to no bruising and heal a lot faster with less swelling or discomfort from the procedure.
  5. Having had fillers and lasers prior to the thread lift procedure is beneficial because it will help and compliment the overall results. (This of course does not apply to everyone but it’s a good rule to consider)
  6. Commitment and compliant to Aftercare: Following the procedure, patients should be willing to follow the aftercare instructions provided to ensure smooth recovery and best results.
  7. No more volume needed. Patients who are afraid of adding more filler volume to their face. Fillers don’t necessarilylift, they tend to fill. Some people may mistakenly end up lookingoverfilled because they were wrongly advised
  8. Patients who are not getting the lift that they want from injections or lasers
  9. Patients who are open to trying new procedures
  10. Patient who can avoid excessive talking, strenuous exercise and a few easy days to relax at home to ensure the thread will not move.

The ideal patient candidate for PDO (Polydioxanone) threads is someone who has mild to moderate facial sagging, skin laxity, or wrinkles and desires a non-surgical and minimally invasive solution for facial rejuvenation. This candidate must also be excited to experience an instant lift, just like dermal fillers give instant fill .

As with any cosmetic procedure, results may vary, and a consultation with an experienced healthcare professional is essential to determine if PDO threads are the right option for individual aesthetic goals.

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