Best Melasma treatment on the market is PicoSure Focus!

Posted on 2 August, 2018

Written By Anna Avaliani, MD aka the #picoqueen

“Trust your skin to the expert. Lasers are only tools which require experience and expertise to operate in order to deliver best possible results.”

Melasma is a very common skin pigmentation disorder which affects both women and men and mainly occurs on sun exposed skin areas, most commonly, the face.  It can be multiple tiny brown patches or one big patch. Melasma has been shown to severely impact self-esteem and the quality of life of people who have it and remains a difficult skin disorder to treat.

Melasma affects all skin colors across all ethnicities, but the darker the skin is, the more difficult the treatment becomes. There is not a single best treatment to treat this condition and often multiple therapies are recommended to treat it. Once melasma is controlled and the pigmentation lightens up or hopefully disappears, there is a pretty high relapse rate, up to 30-40 %.


The common therapies available to treat melasma include topical bleaching creams, oral medications and laser therapies. Most patients try at least one of them for a couple of years before considering a laser treatment option.

All of the are aimed at stopping the skin color cells from over producing the pigment, a term referred to as melanogenesis.

Why is PicoSure so special for Melasma?

It is the first Pico Second technology, which delivers ultra short burst of energy at one trillionth of a second to destroy the stubborn skin discoloration and to signal skin to produce collagen and elasticity all in one technology. The ultra short burst of energy do not irritate the healthy skin and virtually leave no marks, which means to downtime and one can apply makeup immediately post treatment.

PicoSure technology represents the new generation of laser rejuvenation and laser resurfacing called: Skin Cell Activation, which is a way of describing how PicoSure

activates cells to produce regenerative cell proteins to make collagen and elastin and destroy unwanted pigment.

PicoSure is the safest technology currently available for darker skin tones. Asian, Hispanic Mediterranean, Indian, West Indian skin types. It doesn’t burn the skin and therefore virtually eliminates the possibility of developing something called hyperpigmentation (worsening of the discoloration in a darker skin color). This is of course

PicoSure technology is truly the best thing that has happened  to help many people treat their melasma, especially when dealing with the skin of color. This technology is not guaranteed to work for everyone but it surely gives new hopes to many many people who were considered not possible to treat.

If you are suffering from melsasma and have tried and are tired from using daily messy creams, or putting pills into your system, you may be ready for your revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment with PicoSure technology. Please do your research and please trust your face and your body to an expert.

To schedule your expert consultation with the industries’ leading Picosure expert, Dr.Avaliani, please contact the office at 212-673-8888.

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