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It’s all about the Big, Open, Awake and Young  looking eyes

Bella Hadid’s Pulled Eye look is the most requested procedure recently as many girls and women want to resemble a beauty icon. Snatched eyes and snatched brows.  Elevated eyebrows make the eyes look bigger and happier and more attractive

It is all about the Eyes.  The big question is: Is it the eye lift or the brow lift? Or Both?

One must understand that the aging process is multifactorial and hence the best anti aging solution will involve a few treatments and may even take a few sessions to reach a desired look.

We must focus on the structures that are present around the eye area and the changes in those structures lead to droopy, heavy, saggy and small looking eyes with time.

We must address the skin, fat loss and bone loss changes in order to treat the aging disease rather than putting a “band aid” on the problem that will become severe later and can only be addressed with surgical intervention. When we can elevate the brow, we achieve an eye lid skin elevation at the same time, Just like magic!

Eye concern:  Small and droopy eyes 

Eye Solution: Non Surgical Snatched Fox Eyes procedure by Dr.Avaliani

What is a Non SurgicalSnatched Fox Eyes Effect (Non invasive Brow and eye lift procedure)? 

It’s a procedure which involved combination non surgical therapies to lift the eye brow up against gravity

We add filler, we inject neuromodulator to lift and relax muscles,  inject collagen stimulator and we use lasers or PDO threads to lift and tighten the skin.

The right combination of needed elements can only be determined during an in-person consultation.

How is Non Surgical Snatched Fox Eye Procedure done?

There are many factors and procedures which are needed to be performed in order to achieve that elevated Snatched, Fox Eye look.

  1. The procedure involves injection of a filler to restore volume around Temples area, forehead area or even most commonly, both.
  1. The filler to be injected can be from HA (Hyaluronic acid family like Restylane Lyft or JuvedermVoluma) or PLLA ( collagen stimulator family such as Sculptra Aesthetic)
  1. Next step is to inject Botox or Dysport) to achieve a brow lift: this procedure usually requires expert evaluation and involved an injection into glabella ( frown lines), forehead area and crows feet (around eyes) area to a achieve a balanced and elevated eye brow look around the eyes
  1. We can then move to the skin around the eye area. We want to tighten, lift and firm it. This can be easily and safely be performed utilizing a variety of amazing tools used by Dr.Avaliani such as Ultherapy, TempSureEnvi or Genius RF or PDO threads such as NovaThreads.
  1. Another important step to strongly consider is cheek contouring with dermal fillers such as Restylane Lyft  or JuvedermVoluma . It is an excellent addition to help balance the newly lifted eye brow and eye look and to create even bigger Snatched Fox Eye Effect

Who is the best candidate for Non Surgical Snatched Fox eye effect? 

The best answer is virtually  anyone who wishes to achieve a more youthful, balanced and open eyes effect without the knife, recovery or scars. 

It is never possible to predict the best candidate over the phone.  An Expert in person consultation is extremely important to evaluate, understand, and develop an treatment plan to address each individuals unique concerns and desires.

Right now, the most popular age group for Non Surgical Snatched Fox Eye effect is anywhere between 20-45 years of age.

If you are an individual that wants to invest in prevention, then starting early never hurts.

What are the benefits of for Non Surgical Snatched Fox eye procedure? 

  • It is virtually painless
  • Almost instant results
  • Zero to no recovery time or social downtime
  • Minimal to zero bruising ( Like 1 % chance) as we utilize microcannula and Accuvein tool to visualize veins
  • No Scars
  • No Anesthesia
  • Very natural and long lasting results

How long does Non Surgical Snatched Fox eye effect procedure take?

The duration of the treatment depends on the combination of procedures that will be performed. The plan is discussed during the consultation.

The simplex procedure can be with Botox, fillers which is 10 minutes long and the longest can be when in addition to Botox and fillers, we add Lasers and Nova threads. Then the treatment can be 1 hour.  It is usually never longer than that.

This then means we can say that the procedure can be anywhere form 10 minutes up to 1 hour long and varies depending on the number of treatments performed during the visit. 

How to prepare for Non Surgical Snatched Fox eye effect procedure?

The best tip is to avoid consuming alcoholic beverage at least 3-5 days before the procedure. Avoid takin any NSAID’s such as Motrin, Advil, Aleve, etc

Make sure that there are no open sores or signs of skin infection in the area to be treated

It is best to come in with no make up or be prepared to remove all eye and face make up before the procedure start.  Please bring a hair tie if you are wearing your hair down.

If you believe in Arnica, please feel free to take it before hand. Please stop taking any multivitamins or ask the office when you are not sure what do to with medications. 

What to expect on the day of your Non Surgical Snatched Fox eye effect procedure?

Come in very excited. It is perfectly normal to be a little nervous especially when you never had  any injections performed.  You will leave totally normal looking, maybe slightly swollen.

Please come in with no facial and eye make up or be prepared to remove it in the office.

Before the start of the treatment, appropriate photographs will be taken.  Then, the topical numbing cream will be applied around eyes, cheek and forehead and temple area for about 20-30 minutes. While you are numbing in the room, the procedure consents will be signed and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions there may be.

You will be placed in a comfortable room equipped with Netflix for your viewing pleasure or can be on your phone. 

How long is the recovery after Non Surgical Snatched Fox eye procedure? 

There is minimal to no recovery. At worst, 1-2 days of little tenderness or swelling.  If there was a little bruise, then bruise healing time is usually less than 5 days.  Most patients return to work the next day or even have dinner with friends and family the same night. 

What to avoid after Non Surgical Snatched Fox eye procedure? What are the restrictions ?

It is best to avoid exercise for at least 24 hours. No make up for 24 hours, Avoid alcohol consumption as it may increase swelling . Avoid massaging or touching the area which was treated, unless you were instructed to do so (in case of SculptraInjections ,massageing is a must)

Avoid ICE packs unless you were told it was ok

Avoid Saunas (regular and/or InfaRed) or Swimming pools

It is also best not to go to a hair dresser the next day just to be cautious, 3-5 days is a perfect time to resume all regular activities.

Washing hair is normal

Resuming Arnica is recommended and holding off on Multivitamins for 7 days is advisable 

How long does Non Surgical Snatched Fox eye effect procedure last?

The results typically last between 6 months to 2 years. The duration of course depends on variety of factors such as patient age, skin quality, number and type of treatments recommended and their lifestyle along with metabolism. 

How to help preserve the results of a Non Surgical Snatched Fox eye procedure?

It is always important to continue investing into prevention of the aging process. Please use Sunscreen, Antioxidant, and retinol. Avoid using Tanning beds and clean your skin daily and follow with a moisturizer. Do not forget to maintain your results with maintenance treatments as recommended during your consultation. 

Who cannot have Non Surgical Snatched Fox eye effect procedure?

Pregnant or Expecting patients along with breast feeding patients are best to avoid doing any procedures until after the baby is born and they have stopped breastfeeding. 

How can I schedule a consultation for Non Surgical Snatched Fox Eye procedure? 

Please call our office today at 212-673-8888 or fill out the contact form below so we can help Schedule your in person expert consultation with Dr.Avaliani so you can learn more about this procedure and whether you are the right candidate for it.

We offer many procedures and services and Dr.Avaliani specializes in customizing a treatment plan to help address any and all concerns one may have.  

We look forward to meeting you soon.