EmSculpt Mommy Make Over

Posted on 8 October, 2018

Written by Anna Avaliani MD

New generation Mommy Make over is finally possible with no Surgery, No cuts, no Downtime and no Scars!!!

Non Surgical BodySculpting Mommy make over

 3D New Generation Non surgical Mommy Makeover is available at Anna Avaliani MD Cosmetic & Laser Surgery center

The  non invasive aesthetic industry is growing exponentially and the number of patients willing or looking to go for surgery is decreasing because the non invasive technology is able to give  almost “surgery like” results for the right patient, with the right expectation in the hands of a true expert.

Dr.Avaliani is proud to be called “The Laser Queen of Park Ave” because her center is truly one of a kind state of the art laser center offering the latest cutting edge technology to combat pretty much any and all concerns when it comes to facial or body concerns for all skin types.

Being the top Body Contouring center in the North America allowed Dr.Avaliani to be able to more attentive to her patients concerns, especially her growing following of women who are about to or have become mothers.

Almost all women who underwent c-section surgery had one concern in common, which was to reduce the “pouch” after the surgery.  There are three reasons for the pouch formation:

  1. The separation of the muscle during pregnancy which is often called Diastasis Recti
  2. There is a little fat trapped
  3. There is a little skin sagging from pregnancy stretching

If these 3 factors were present, then the only option was surgery and it was called Tummy Tuck.  Now, we have 3 amazing technologies to combat all 3 reasons without any surgery  and no downtime. Here, we will discuss them separately

EmSculpt is the world’s first one and only HIFEM technology which is clinically proven and FDA cleared to build and tone muscle and reduce Diastasis Recti by 17% . No SURGERY!!!!!!

It’s a quick, 30 minute treatment which leaves no marks and requires zero downtime and offers no pain.

EmSculpt allows to strengthen the core muscles after pregnancy and also tones your body for any future pregnancies and helps to avoid the need for surgical

repair. In other words, it allows to prevent and tone all in one treatment .

The fat pouch can be easily removed with a variety of FDA cleared and non invasive treatments.

Dr.Avaliani’s center offers Kybella, Sculpsure and CoolSculpting as some of the best non invasive FDA approved options to target the stubborn fat pouch.  The one and only way to determine the best treatment approach is to have an in person consultation. The skin needs to be evaluated, the muscles are examined to make sure there is no hernia and the surface area needs to be measured with Kybella grid or SculpSure applicators to see how many it will take to treat.  It’s impossible to predict the best option over the phone, but going to a place which offers all of them is very important.

The last component is skin laxity which can be treated with TempSure skin tightening device.

The latest Gold Standard FDA approved RF skin tightening device to treat any skin on any part of the body with no pain or downtime. It is temperature  controlled and precisely timed to make sure that each and every single time the treatment is performed, the desired goal temperature is achieved and skin tightening is generated.

To Learn about other technologies, please click below:

As always, in person consultation is required and needed to determine if you are the right candidate, with the right expectations to design your individualized body plan. It is not one laser fits all type of a treatment because each individual is unique, the approach to each patient should be the same.

To see a body contouring expert, Dr. Anna Avaliani for a consultation, please call 212-673-8888.

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