Keep your chin up! Find out what is better for under chin area: Kybella® vs Ultherapy®

Posted on 22 August, 2016

Written by: Anna Avaliani, MD


If you are reading this blog you are likely just like the other 67% of people surveyed in United States who admitted to be bothered by their submental fullness also known as double chin.
You may have just noticed it recently, or it was bothering you for a while and you are finally getting ready to do something about it.
The key here is not just to do something, but actually getting rid of the fat cells with first-of-its kind injectable treatment called Kybella®.

Why do people have under chin fullness?
3 most common things that cause double chin are: Aging, Weight gain and Genes. Out of these three, you can only control your weight and it’s not an easy task either.

Kybella® is truly a revolutionary non-surgical treatment with great results. Liposuction does not give you permanent results, but rather just removes some fat cells while leaving some behind. The cells that were left behind are always able to grow in size as your weight fluctuates and you will still have to do another liposuction procedure later in life.

How do I know if I have fat or just loose skin under my chin?
The best way to find out is to be evaluated by an expert physician. This is a critical distinction that must be defined before a treatment is recommended because they require completely different approaches.

What is the Best treatment for Double chin due to fat?
Kybella® is truly one of a kind treatment which destroys fat under the chin area without any surgery. It’s FDA approved since 2015 and gives No scars, No anesthesia, No recovery time.

What is the Best treatment for loose skin under chin area?
Ultherapy® is the gold-standard non invasive ultrasound based skin tightening system approved by the FDA since 2007. It’s a single treatment with absolutely No downtime and long lasting results. The ultrasound technology allows to accurately deliver energy to stimulate collagen at 4.5mm, 3mm or 1.5mm depths and sometimes a combination treatment is needed to achieve the optimal result. It is important to find an expert Ultherapy® provider and really ask who will be doing the treatment. Technician vs physician give completely different results.

What is Best treatment for double chin due to fat and loose skin?
The answer is Kybella® + Ulthera®= Kythera!

What is Kythera?
Combination therapy using Kybella® and Ultherapy®. Why and when do you need to use both?
After you get rid of fat cells under the chin you may be left with loose skin and will feel like the Kybella® treatment was unsuccessful. What is important to realize is that that loose skin can easily be tightened using the best skin tightening device called Ultherapy®. By combining both treatments, patients get the chin they always dreamed off with absolutely no downtime and no surgery!

How does one know if Kybella® or Ultherapy® will be the best option?
There is only one way to find out: Simply meet the physician of your choice face to face and allow to be examined as opposed to given some information over the phone that will most likely be inaccurate. Expert consultation will allow you to meet the doctor, ask them questions and discuss your concerns.

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