Don’t settle for dry raisin lips

Posted on 5 March, 2024

The power of lip rejuvenation in women over 40! Don’t settle for dry raisin looking lips

Common Myth: Lip fillers are for the younger generation only.

My patients over 40 years old are always very nervous and somewhat hesitant to discuss lip fillers when I bring it up

The truth: lip fillers over 40 are a must and they serve a different purpose

The purpose of any and all esthetic procedures was to restore and replace the things we lose due to the aging process. Instead, many patients and providers went overboard and even totally changed someone’s appearance, which was always considered to only be possible with surgery. But in reality. When too much fillers gets injected in the wrong places it can distort the facial anatomical parameters and create a fear of a “filler face” or now a newer term called “spa face”

We lose volume in lips and lose definition and as well as hydration.

Constant movement leads to development of tiny lines around the mouth commonly referred as “ smoker’s lines or barcode lines”, the lips may also look like “dry raisins” with lots of deflated skin and thinning. Thin lips also proportionally cause the face to look older.

I would like to remind the purpose of lip filler creation that many patients and even providers have forgotten about:

  • Restore and not change shape
  • Restore and not change volume
  • Eliminate and soften the lines around the mouth
  • Don’t just treat the mouth, treat the lines around, like smile lines is always a must in order to have a balanced and aesthetically pleasing outcome

Choose your provider wisely

Trust them and don’t micromanage

Show them pictures of what you like and what you don’t

An experienced provider will use different types of fillers to achieve the desired result

Sometimes more than one visit is needed to slowly and naturally restore the volume and shape

Sometimes more than one syringe is needed to restore and replump and rehydrate the “dry raisin” lips. This may not happen in one session

Forget quarter or half of syringe. These things are a complete nonsense. It not the amount, it the type of filler used, the injection technique, injection area and the skill of the provider. Even the littlest of filler injected in the wrong area above the lip will create the “duck lip” effect.

As a national GAIN trainer for Galderma and as an artist, the title given to me by many of my esteemed colleagues and patients, I love to create and restore art. It’s the art, hand, eye coordination which leads to best results. I am honored that many of my patients travel to see me from all over the city, state, county and out of country. I have one patient flying from London every 6 months just to see me to her lip rejuvenation. I treat models and TV personalities, etc and none of my patients you will ever tell that had any work done. That’s where the skill lies.

Don’t let you lip lines age you like the saggy neck ages the face. Seek an expert consultation and give it a try.


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