Hot new Item: PDO /Thread lift for Tech neck lines

Posted on 2 November, 2017

Bothered by Lines on your neck? We got a perfect Neck Lift solution for you

Written By Anna Avaliani MD

PDO Thread Lift erases your neck lines!

What is “tech neck”?

This new term applies to horizontal lines across the neck which appear with time and seem to bother more and more people these days, and not only women but men as well.

What causes “Tech neck lines”?

Answer: Iphone, seriously. Everyone is looking up and down from their phones or computers or tablets.  The constant motion of looking up and down involves the same muscles on your neck which create horizontal lines across the neck. These lines are very similar to the lines on the forehead and are caused by repetitive muscle movement as well. 

How to get rid of ”the tech neck lines”?

Dr.Avaliani has a quick and preventative solution for you with PDO Threads. These tiny Nova Threads are made out of PDO material, which is safe, fully absorbable and collagen stimulating.  The procedure takes  about 5-10 minutes to complete and  results are seen immediately and get better with time. 

Why choose NovaThreads for neck lines?

Simply due to the fact that they do more than one thing. They provide an almost instant improvement , have preventive properties and last about 6-12 months.

Do PDO Threads or Nova Threads hurt?

Absolutely no.  Dr. Avaliani uses specially compounded numbing cream which gets applied 30 minutes before the procedure and offers absolutely no discomfort.

How long does Thread lift for neck lines take?

It’s a very safe and quick procedure.  In expert hands of Dr. Avaliani, allow for 5-10 minutes

True Fact: PDO Thread Lift and Nova Threads are the same thing. NovaThreads are made from PDO suture material.

Is there another option for tech lines besides Thread lift sutures?

Yes, many.  Dr.Avaliani may suggest Botox, Microneedling, Laser resurfacing, Ultherapy and dermal fillers  All of these are possible solutions to address the lines on the neck and sometimes even a combination of treatments is very effective.

It is always recommended to get an expert consultation with Dr.Avaliani as she can better help you choose the best solution to address your concern.

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